Friday, January 23, 2009

Stone Mountain and the Georgia Aquarium! Stone Mountain Post

We stayed in the Marriott Hotel at Stone Mountain State Park. This is the Lobby.
The view from our room.
After we settled in our room, we decided to do some exploring. We walked around and old mill by a lake.  
We got real adventurous and walked through the woods. 
On one of the many trails, the Cisco Kid found a heart shamed paving stone.  He thought that was so great he had to talk a picture.  
Walking towards a very old covered bridge.
The trains were not running this time of year and we decided to walk the train tracks.
As we were walking, the Cisco Kid found a train coupling that had broken off the train. That was a treasured find.
The gondola ride to the top of Stone Mountain.
View of the snow slides.  We will be going on them this evening. 
They had a snow play area and filled it with equipment to build a snow man. 
Now that we have spent two day at Stone Mountain we are off the Georgia Aquarium. 



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