Saturday, December 18, 2010

Winter Break

Friday was the last day of school until January 3rd 2011. Mr. M wanted to have a Christmas party for his class. They took a vote on what activities they wanted to do and the majority wanted to build gingerbread houses. Since I am the Class mom I built a class web site from shutterfly and had a volunteer list available to all parents that wanted to bring in items for the gingerbread houses. I have been the class mom every year since kindergarten and this is the first year the majority of the parents come to all the parties. Since everyone was so generous and brought in so much for the gingerbread houses I decided to bring my Chocolate Fountain with Marshmallows, Bananas, Apples and Rice crispy treats for dipping.

Thursday Mr. M came back into school and set up this Christmas tree with presents for all the children under it. When the children arrived to school the next morning they were all so excited about the tree with presents for them. Mr. M told them that Santa came and delivered the tree with all the presents because his class was so good this year.
They use a milk carton for the foundation of the gingerbread house.  They use cake icing to make the gram crackers stick to the carton.   
 When the children saw the fountain they flipped. There must be something in a kids mind seeing all that chocolate flowing freely. Way to funny!!!! 
I just had to get some pictures of me and my little guy in here.
Mr. M is now ready to open his gift.  On one of our field trips Mr. M's handle to his cooler brake and he coulden't wheel it because it hurt his back so we all chipped in and got him a new cooler with a nice long handle.  We also included a gift card.     


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

This might be the last year for Santa pictures

Last week we made our way to the Mall so The Cisco Kids can take his anual picture with Santa.  We have been going to the mall since day one and evey year it is the same Santa.  As were were waiting in line The Cisco Kid noticed that their were alot of little children in line and not to many kids his age.  He said to me that next year he doesn't want to take his picture with santa any more.  I was sure hopeing I could get away with it until he was at least ten years old.  Hopefully he will not remember what he said next year. 


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cub Scout Christmas Party

This year is flying by. It seems we just started school and now the New Year is almost here. I think the busier we are the faster time goes by.

Last night we had our annual Cub Scout Christmas party. The children have so much fun playing all the games, and doing the gift exchange. The Cub Master has a great way for the gifts to be handed out. He reads a story about Christmas and in the story there are many phrases about the children going and doing things that take them to the right and left. Every time he said the word right the children would pass the gift to the right and every time he said the word left the children would pass the gift to the left. The story is a good ten minutes long and those gifts really circle the room.
There was so much wonderful food. 
  It was such a nice day to play outside.
Everyone brings a gift so it could be exchanges.

I had some Minute to win it games.
Stacking cans... They would start with one can on the bottom and working up to five cans on top. Between every layer was a paper plate. Cup stack.... see how high they can stack the cups before thy fall. Coin drop.... see if they could drop a coin in the water and make it fall into a small cup at the bottom. Breakfast puzzle...... I cut up the front of a cereal box so they could put it together like a puzzle. Balloon pop..... They had to juggle three balloons in the air and every thirty seconds I would add another balloon for them to juggle.



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