Friday, April 1, 2011

Spring Break

A week has gone by and it has been a very relaxing Spring Break. It is not often we just get to stay home and enjoy doing nothing, any real plans for anything special. We decided to do what we wanted at the very last minute. We only made plans to do something three out of nine days. Monday we went to the Zoo with some friends. Yes!!! We did go to the Zoo with the class trip. This time we were able to get in and see Dino Alive. Then on Wednesday we went to a new museum called Pirate & Treasure Museum with some friends. The collection is one mans treasures that he has been collecting over the past thirty years. The museum is very kid friendly with all kinds of hands on experiences. A few of the experiences are: Hunt for treasures. Computer touch screens for finding items in the story that reviles the large treasure.  The kids were able to shoot off cannons. The best part was the Pirate that walked around the medium. The kids were so excited to go through the museum and see everything. They ran through it in about a half hour. At the end we decided to go back and see it more slowly. When we were walking back through, the Pirate gave us a personal tour and explained so much of the museum. He had all of us glued to his every word.
All the dinosaurs move and make sounds. Some squirt water.
The boys are in a trap.  DINNER!!! 
In the gift shop and in a play area they have dinosaurs where they kids can worked the mechanics and see how they move.
Replica dinosaur bones are also on display.
Map of the Museum.
 Our last activity for Spring break is today and we are going to see the movie Hop.            


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