Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Completing the God and Me Religious Emblem for Scouts.

The Church was so nice to help us with completing the religious Emblem for Cub Scouts. 

I had prepared all the games for the pastor to use during his class.  First through third grade is God and Me, fourth and fifth grade is God and Family and sixth grade is God and Church.  In one of our Den Meetings we completed all the games and the game box.  The Pastor used the games in his class as a fun way of teaching the boys about their relationship with God.   


I had to retire my Camera

I have had my Canon Power Shot Sx20 for about three years and it has been through the ringer.  I had dropped it a couple of times.  But that was not the problem.  I constantly removed the card so I could download the pictures into my laptop.  Doing this caused the cards to break.  This last time it broke inside the camera and now when I put the card back in the camera it will not snap in.     Now for everyone that knows me, knows that I can’t go a day without my camera.  I went and got a new Canon Rebel T3i and it is amazing.  The pictures are so amazing in every type of setting. 



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