Thursday, July 16, 2009

Friday, It's Kelly's Korner

This week Kelly from Kelly's Korner is asking to see Birthday's
My son is a real big cake person. He loves cake. Not only does he love cake but he loves theme cakes. When he was three he was into Thomas the Tank Engine. I started a small tradition between him and I. I made a cake and tried to make it look like Thomas. I surprised him with it on his B-day. He flipped out when he saw it. Ever since then he has been requesting certain theme cakes. Three years in a row he has helped me put the finishing touches on them. I made the Thomas cake out of a Wilton 3-D cake pan.
This is his 3rd Birthday, Thomas the Tank Engine

The cake is covered in butter cream Icing. I put Oreo cookies on the cake for the wheels. I used Kit Kat candy for the train tracks. The gravel is Coco Crisp cereal. The palm trees are pretzel sticks with icing leaves.
This is his 4th birthday, Lightning Mc Queen
Since I could not find a Mack truck cake pan in 3-D, I decided to make do with what I had. I used the Train 3-D cake pan from last year. I used the back part of the engine and squared the top with butter cream icing. I happen to find a Wilton car cake pan and used butter cream icing to make it look like Lightning Mc Queen.

This is his 5th Birthday. This year it was all about Bob the Builder.
I went to Publix to see if they had any construction themed cakes that we could embellish. I found a cake with logs, a cut down tree and some yard tools. So the Cisco Kid said he wanted Bob the Builder, muck and the gang toys on the cake. The Chief found the perfect size toys in a B-day theme. I found chocolate candy that looked like rocks. We ordered the cake; brought it home and the Cisco Kid and I had a blast adding Bob the Builder B-day toys and all the rocks. This is his 6th Birthday
This year their are two themes in one. Scoobie Doo and Fireman. He was very specific about what he wanted.
Again, I went to Publix for the cake. They had a cake with a road on it and I asked them if they could add the burning building. I found Scooby Doo Fireman with flames and fire hydrant. As we were putting Scooby Doo on the cake, the Cisco Kid decided he wanted to have a truck on it , tipped over, in flames and Shaggy spraying it down with the hose. I put the pretzel sticks on it to make it look like logs.

There is something new to look forward to on Wednesday's, its, "What would your children say?" Wednesday
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Out of town guests and a great big Thank you.

Thank you so much , "Me my boys, and a little dog", "Kmama @ The Daily Dribbles", "Oxborough Chaos", "Flooded by Grace", "3 Boys and a Girl" and "Adam, April & Aidan" for all your wonderful stories shared on my first post “What would your children say” Wednesday. I enjoyed reading each and every one. I look forward to next week’s fun post.

Yesterday my sister and brother in law came to visit us and brought her two grand children. The Cisco Kid has not seen his second cousins in three years. They had such a good time playing together. They will spend several days here. Tomorrow we will be on the beach. This evening Grandma and Grandpa are coming up. This is a mini Family Reunion.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It’s the first “What would your children say?” Wednesday, posts.

The imagination and spontaneity of children are amazing. It would be so cute to share posts based on what your children say and do in these adorable, innocent years. Telling a story of their funny, precious moments or showing pictures with captions to complete the story. I can’t wait to hear about your stories.

Over the past month the Cisco kid has been very interested in all the states. We have been putting together puzzles. We found our last quarter for the 50 State Commemorative Quarter collection. The Cisco Kid has been full of questions. There is a point to this story, I promise. We were driving and the conversation of the states came up again. This time The Cisco Kid was telling us that each state has a number. He then said, Texas is number 28, Florida is number 27 and God is number 1. How cute to put God in first priority of when the states come into the union. I just thought that was an amazing concept for a six year old.

Having fun putting together the United States Puzzle.

He really got into looking for all the quarters about a year ago.


A play date to remember

What a wonderful day. The Mom Squad decided to have a play date and we went to this wonderful place where the little rascal’s imaginations can run wild. They were able to imagine themselves in all sorts of fully functional work environments.

The US Post Office, complete with post office boxes, stamps and letter sorting.

The Police Station 911
The chase vehicle.
A bank
A Restaurant.

Veterinary Hospital

Fire Turck with full costumes.
This was my favorite. The grocery store. Only because it was so detailed. The check out counter conveyor belt really worked. The Cisco Kid can now touch everything and put all he wants into the grocery cart, without me constantly saying….. don’t put that in there, no you can’t have that or at the checkout counter. I didn’t get this item.

Rail road.

TV broadcasting station.

There’s a new game on Wednesday's its....What would your children say? Wednesday
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