Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sea World

It has been five years since we have been to Sea World. The Cisco Kid was only two year old at the time. Today we started our day at Sea World and nine hours later I am sitting by the computer posting about it while the Chief and The Cisco Kid are swimming in the pool. We did not get a chance to see everything in the nine hours we were there. We went on two very large rollercoaster’s. This is the first time The Cisco Kid went on an adult rollercoaster because prior to today he did not meet the 54 inch height requirement. The Manta Rollercoaster was very different. It was very scary for a first time rider. It starts out with you facing down with everything lock in, including your feet. It puts you into many spins, drops, loops and to top it off a mega g-force. The Kraken rollercoaster was perfect. It brought you up very, very high, dropped you down with many twists, loops and cork screws. We went on this one twice. As for the shows we saw Believe with the killer whales & Clyde and Seamore take the pirate island. Great Shows! We ate a very late lunch at Sharks Underwater Grill. The restaurant was surrounded with floor to ceiling salt water tanks filled with sharks.

The Cisco Kid loved feeding the Seals.

They had a spooktacular Halloween party all day. They had many characters around for some great photo ops.

This is the famous part where everyone in the first few rows gets SOAKED. Yes we were in the rows that got soaked. As soon as I saw the Whales turn their backs towards us and fins come out of the water I got out of my seat and ran up the stairs. Saving myself from all that water!
Unfortunately for  The Cisco Kid and the Chief.  They stayed behind and they got soaked. 

I will post some more tomorrow. 


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cub scout Camp out

What a weekend!!! 

The Cub Scout camp out was so much fun. We had so many activities to do all day. They had crafts, They played kick ball and minute to win it games. They shot BB guns and Archery. Every year the Boy Scouts put together a haunted trail for the camp out. They did a spectacular job with things hanging from the trees and grave yards.
They also had a geologist there to discuss the different kind of rocks.  He gave the boys three different kinds.  They will receive their Geology belt loop for this activity.  
One of the crafts. The Cisco Kid is making a Halloween Frame

They found a hill of dirt and couldn't resist playing on it. 
 An ice cone was a life saver after playing a hot game of Kick Ball. 
 Minute to win it.  Un stack the cups and stack them again.

 Move the cookie from for forehead into your mouth just by using your face muscles.
 BB gun!   If he would have scored 35 points he would have received a BB Gun Badge.  He scored 27 points.  No badge but he will get a BB gun Pin.

They did a skit.  It was a very funny skit.  They all sat around and one person walked in from the other side of the camp and Yelled Big Foot.  All the boys sitting down said, we are not afraid of big foot!  Then the second person walks in and yelled, Godzilla!! All the boys said we are not afraid of Godzilla.   Then the third person walked in and yelled, Girl Scouts! All the boys sitting down started to scream and run in the opposite direction.  
The badge they received for going to the Spook -O-Ree camp out.  


Monday, October 18, 2010

Cub scout den meeting

This past Thursdays Den meeting is all about Healthy Eating. I did a food pyramid. I decided to discuss a two part pyramid. One part was with the food sections and healthy choices. The second part was with what the food contained. The top of the pyramid has Oils and Sugars I also put Fat. I discussed what fat does to the body and heart. The next two rows are, dairy and meet. I put calcium and protein. I discussed what part calcium plays in the body and how it strengthens your bones. The next two rows were fruits and vegetables. I put Vitamins and Minerals. I discussed how essential vitamins and minerals are to how the body functions and stays healthy. The last part is breads. I put Carbohydrates. I explained how a carbohydrate gives you energy. I also explained how fast food play a role in unhealthy eating habits and can lead to over eating.

After every Den meeting I give the kids a cookie. Since we were talking about healthy eating I wasn't going to give them a cookie. I decided to give them a brownie instead. Yes... I'm sure you are saying, what’s she thinking!!! Ha! These were not your normal brownies. These brownies were made with Spinach and Carrots. I had all the boys sit down and I handed out all the brownies and as I was looking around the room, they had devoured the brownies it two seconds flat. I then had The Cisco Kid revile what was in the brownies and they were shocked. They could not believe it.

I got the recipe from deceptively delicious cook book by Jessica Seinfield.    
This is the pureed carrots and spinach that was added to the brownie mix. It was amazing that using the vegetables you do not have to use any oils or butter. 



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