Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cub Scouts Blue & Gold Banquet

Last Night was the advancement ceramonie for the Pack. Blue & Gold was amazing. The Boys had so much fun. Our Den won Best Robot. So we get to have an Ice cream party. The food was great. It was catered by Benito’s Italian Cafe. My favorite part of the Blue & Gold Banquet was as I was calling the boys up one by one to give them their Bear badge they had ear to ear smiles and laughter. They worked so hard for that badge and they are so proud of themselves. It just goes to show….if they work hard for something they appreciate it so much more.  

Handing out all their Bear Awards
I also gave each boy a wooden memory book, with a collage of pictures throughout the year.
I made the 11x12 book out of wood and burnt the Cub Scouts into the wood with a wood burner tool.
I had all the boys sign each others books. 
I then put a collage of pictures of them and their activities throughout the year.   
I included all the paperwork they had to do for their achievements.  
Lastley I included the Blue & Gold Program.  
Robots from the Tiger Den, Wolf Den and our Bear Den.
Webelos Den
The boys talked about their contribution to building the robot. 
I made the table center pieces to go with the robot theme.  This is made out of soda cans,bottle cap for the eyes and nose, beads for the ears.  
The desert table: I made the robot desert stand and the majority of the deserts.
There were dirt cups, carrot cake cupcakes, cheese cake, chocolate & vanilla cake with butter cream, Nutter butter peanut butter cups, cream puffs, éclairs, Apple cheese caramel pies, Biscotti's & mints. 
The Apple Cheese Caramel Pie:
You can get the gram cracker shells in the store pre-made.
The cream is made from Crème cheese, brown sugar, lemon juice, and cinnamon and apple spice.  
The apples are store bought pie filling. I added cinnamon and apple spice to them.  
The pie crust topping is the pre-made Pillsbury Dough rolled pie crust that I cut into strips and placed on top.
Just before serving I drizzled caramel on top.  
It is hard to believe this is the third Blue & Gold event we have been to.  Two more and my little boy will be off to Boy Scouts. 


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