Friday, March 26, 2010

Class Easter Party.

When the children came back from lunch they were so excited to see they had a craft and jellybean contest waiting for them. They all made their bunny bags so they could fill them with all their goodies.    
These children are all good!!!! The Cisco Kid is real good!!!! He won the first jar of jellybeans. His guess was 200 and there were 217 jellybeans in the jar. I insured everyone that the game was not fixed. He really came up with a great guess on his own.  
He is one happy little boy with his jar packed full of jellybeans. 
A traditional egg hunt is always so much fun. 
They never get tired of filling their bellies up with cookies, candy and cupcakes.


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Another Easter party item completed.

Today I needed to do one more thing for the class Easter party. Make cupcakes!!!!

I never know what flavor cupcakes to bring to school. I know the children will eat any kind of cake. Since it is a Easter party for them I do want them to have what they prefer. I would feel badly if someone preferred chocolate over vanilla and vice versa. There are too many children in the class to consider bringing enough so they could make a choice. I decided to make a batch of vanilla and a batch of chocolate. Then I filled each cupcake tin with 1/2 of each flavor. Problem solved!!!!!

I decorated them with icing piped leaves and a Peep on top. My favorite part of Easter candy are the peep's. Love them!!! I even love them when they are stale. Yup!!!! Stale and chewy.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Easter Party!!!!

When it comes to children, there is always a party celebration on the horizon. Easter is one of those big celebrations that everyone loves to enjoy. I have been planning my son’s class Easter party for about a month. His class will enjoy a game, craft and egg hunt. I will start out the party with them making a bunny bag to collect Easter eggs. They will also try to guess how many jellybeans there are in eight different jars. I got different size jars / bottles so the numbers are very different. In two jars I mixed up some gummies, candy corn with the jellybeans so it makes thing very interesting.

When these kids find out they will have a chance to win one of these jars felled with jellybeans they are going to flip. I needed to make this very organized or with 19 excited children, it could get very ugly very fast. I labeled all jars alphabetically. Then on the matching large egg, I wrote the number of jellybeans on the back. Each small egg represents a child in the class. That child will tell me how many jellybeans they think are in the jars. I will write it down and whoever comes closest will win. The second closest will win a baggie with 20 beans in it. The third place will win a baggie with 10 beans. Every child will be a winner.
Now for the craft!!! The bunny bag… I used white self adhesive foam board for the bunny face.
Then I cut a tie out of blue foam board. With the leftover white foam board, I cut small circles to fill in the center of the tie. I used pink paper for the ears and whiskers. Use black paper for the nose and eyes. 
This will be the only thing they will have to cut out.
Glue all parts on with a glue stick.
Lastly stick the bunny to the bag.
I can’t forget they will end the party with cupcakes and juice. I will make a post of the party on Friday. 


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Our traditional Easter Bunny Picture.

 We have many traditions and one of our favorite is going to see the Easter Bunny. There was a time when the Easter bunny held my little boy in his arms. Now my little boy is not so little anymore and he will only sit next to him. I'm hoping I could get a couple of more years of these family favorite pictures.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Anxiously waiting!!!!

Over the weekend, we had a fun play date. I am going to post many pictures of these little ones so their mom can see how much fun they had. Their mom has not seen her two children since March 6th. She has been in Russia adopting their new beautiful addition to their family. They have been in the process of adopting their European princess for four months. Her family here is anxiously waiting for their new sister to come home. It looks like it might be another week before she gets to come home.  You can read more about her adventures.  Our lives adventures
It is so nice now that it is staying light later. They came over and played inside for about an hour. We then had pizza. After pizza they all went outside and played with the vehicles. They have some great imaginations. The emergency scenarios were so funny. They were making believe they were going to a fire then the fire truck broke down and the John deer came to the rescue. The john deer had to follow the fire engine to make sure it would not break down again.

The fire truck broke down and The Cisco Kid is on the job.
His little helper along for the ride.
The Cisco Kid is on the radio trying to worn the fire truck there is a problem.
They pulled into the repair station they set up with signs.
After a very exhausting time fighting fires, repairing the fire truck and racing around to save everyone they were hungry for some cookies, and cookies they got. It was a very fun play date. 



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