Saturday, June 18, 2011


As we were leaving our room we walked out and saw all these baskets filled with nice fresh clean linens. This is the first time in a very long time we have our sheets changed every day. I have always thought....why am I paying full price for a room when they do not change the sheets every day. That was one of the reasons I loved staying in a hotel. Changed sheets every day and housekeeping service. Something I do not get at home.
This boy of mine will not look into the camera for anything.   
We have been to Epcot many times and have seen everything there is to see, but we found something new that has only been open less than year. It is called Innovations. We could not leave this place. Very, Very cool.
A game called Storm Ready.  They have to put the proper safety gear in the right slot to get storm ready.   
The Cisco Kid is lifting a 50 gallon drum and dropping it on a hard hat, testing the strength of it.
Making Paper. 
 The Great Piggy Bank Adventure.  This is a savings plan.  you chose from one of three topics, a bed room remodel, retirement or college. The Cisco Kid chose bed room remodel. Figures!!!! I would have loved if he said college. Oh Well!!! Then we went around to different computer games trying to save money so we could do the remodel.  
There will be some more about Innovations tomorrow.


Friday, June 17, 2011

Once again we are going to Disney

We started going to Disney when The Cisco Kid was two years old. He loved going and seeing all the characters. Back then The Chief and I enjoyed Disney just as much if not more than The Cisco Kid. He doesn’t remember any of it, other than all the great pictures I have. Our favorite part we loved so much was watching him enjoying all the characters and rides. Now that he is much older he enjoys it a whole new way. Now he is making his own memories.

We stayed at the Grand Floridian Spa and Resort. We had the perfect view of the Magic Kingdoms Castle. Every time we visit Disney we wanted to stay and see the fireworks over the castle. The down side was the fireworks don't start until 10: p.m. and by the time we get back to the room we would be exhausted. The first night we got into our pj's and watched the boat light parade and then watch the fireworks over the castle right from our balcony. Then straight to bed we went.
Magic Kingdoms Castle and Monorail.  
In the loby on our way to dinner. 

   Tomorrow is our visit to Epcot.  


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Off to grandmas house we go

Now that school has ended we can take the time and go see the Grandparents. The Cisco Kid always loves to see them.  Every time we visit them, Grandma always makes sure The Cisco Kid has a memorable time he will always cherish for the rest of his life.  Grandma had a special game of search all planed out for him when he arrived. He had to find ten pinwheels that were hidden throughout the house and attached to the pinwheels were some gifts.  Grandma and Grandpa’s house is also known for their golf cart.  This was the first time he was able to get behind the wheel.  He knows that they have to drive their trash to the dumpster which is located on the opposite end of their community.  The Cisco Kid is more than happy to take the trash out at least twice a day.  Grandma and Grandpa’s house is a special place and visiting them makes The Cisco Kid very happy.  So much so that when it was time to leave The Cisco Kid broke down crying.  He did not want to leave.   
The Cisco Kid and Grandmas chilling out watching a movie. Tugger, The jeep 4x4 who wanted to fly. 
Time to take out the trash. 
Now that the trash is loaded up they can deliver it to the dumpster.
Whoops!!!  The Cisco Kid Took off very fast and the trash fell off the back of the cart. 
They are off again.  Hopefully without wrecking! 
My worry came true. He wrecked. He ran over the cement parking division in the parking lot. The Chief saw it coming and said STOP! STOP!  The Cisco Kid did not stop and over the top they went. When the Chief asked The Cisco Kid why he didn’t stop when he said stop. The Cisco Kid said he was in the middle of explaining something to him.  That boy of mine!  He is so opinionated and his opinion will over rides any sense of danger. 


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