Saturday, June 20, 2009

Spending the weekend with Grandma and Grandpa.

We will be spending the weekend with Grandma and Grandpa. It is going to be a special weekend because of Fathers day. Three generations of men will be together on that day. The Cisco Kid has ants in his pants from anticipation. When we return I will show you our visit.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Introduction to the Diet plan.

I am very excited to start D.I.E.T.? The commitment began when I started to create my 15-minute meal recipes. My dinners can be completed in 15 minutes. I am a very busy mom and I don’t have much time to devote one or two hour in the kitchen to prepare a health meal for my family. Our tendency is to cook something real quick not taking into consideration how it will affect our weight. Now I am going to take responsibility for what we decide to eat. I have created a full weeks schedule with delicious meals and a grocery list for everything that is needed to be successful. On Monday June 22, 2009, will be our first day. This is going to be a fun and enjoyable experience.

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Last day of the tour in St Augustien Florida

Today we are shopping.

St Augustine is such a neat place for so many reasons. Shopping is fun. There are items you could find here very easily that you probably couldn't’t find anywhere else. It’s not your everyday run of the mill shopping adventure.

I love looking at old antiques.

Fireman, we got a kick out of this dog.

Fun lawn ornaments.

Local candle making shop.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Continuing the tour of St Augustine Florida

Today it is the local Ice cream shop.

The locals pride themselves on offering something different. The business take pride in what they are selling and they want the visitors to experience the warmth of an old City. Kilwins is so much fun to visit. You can watch peanut brittle being made. Smell the fresh waffle cones on the grill. Watch them pour the fudge on the marble top and so much more. This is located in a courtyard with a fountain and small bistro tables where you can enjoy your dessert.

It was hard to resist the fudge. But we did!

Chocolate Flowers, They are so pretty You can’t visit Florida without seeing an Alligator, chocolate or otherwise.

My favorite, chocolate chip mint.

The Chief ordered a roasted coconut shake. I tasted this and Oh my gosh! GOOD.
The Cisco Kid ordered Superman Ice cream.

The Chief went back into Kilwins to get some water for me and he came back out with not only water but these goodies. Just looking at them you can see how it would be hard to resist. If only I didn't send him back in.

The fountain in the courtyard.

One day left on my Tour through St Augustine,Florida.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Seeing St Augustine Florida

On our day trip to St Augustine it was time to get a bite to eat. We left the fort and just started walking. We passed by numerous restaurants until we came across Harry’s and remembered we went there with our friends “Life is a bowl of Cherry's” We decided that is where we wanted to eat.
Harry’s Seafood Bar & Grille restaurant. All I could say is Yum and very filling.
I had grilled chicken breast with mashed potatoes covered with artichokes, spinage and asparagus with this wonderful cream sauce.

The Chief had Bourbon grilled Salmon and Coleslaw.
Fried chicken tenders and Fries for The Cisco Kid. The tenders are covered in a mustard sauce then battered and deep fried. They were very good.


Monday, June 15, 2009

Over the next four days I am going to show you a small glimps of St Augustien Florida.

This is our town and where we live.  Kelly is bringing us all around the world to see how fortunate we all are.  These are all previous post that I would love to share.

We spent the day in Old St Augustine. I am going to show you some of it’s history, local dinning, local shopping and The Cisco Kids favorite local Ice cream shop. The city of St Augustine founded by the Spanish in 1565. Making St Augustine the oldest City in the United States.
We visited the big fort is also called The Castillo de San Marcos. In October 1672 construction began on the fort . The fort is the oldest masonry fort in the continental United States. Its scarred walls still stand witness to over 330 years of history and culture. We took our time and looked at all the cannons and ventured through all the interesting lower level room. One room held all the gun powder. This room was not easily found because of the small crawl space you had to go through in order to get to it. the Castillo was built to protect and defend Spain’s claims in the New World.
The bridge entering the Fort.

Wonderful views from the top of the Fort.

The Chief worked on very large guns when he was in the Coast Guard. He is explaining to The Cisco Kid how they worked.

Just having some fun.

A history lesson by the Chief.

Second day in St Augustine
Third day in St Augustine
Fourth day in St Augustine


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