Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Kennidy Space Center

It has been a few years since we have been to the Kennedy Space Center. During spring Break we decided to take a Break from building the Tree House for The Cisco Kid and head on down to Cape Canaveral Space Center.

The Chief and The Cisco Kid are reading all about the masive Space Shuttle engine.

We are no longer sending the space shuttle on any more missions.  They are removing all the space shuttle launch towers and replacing them with rocket launch towers.  The rockets are going to explore deep space.  
This is one of the new rocket towers.  

The moon rover.  
This space suite is on loan from Jim Lovell the astronaut of Appollo 13.  
The Apollo 13 capsule. You can see where it was on fire during re-entering the atmosphere.   


Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Tree House is 99% DONE!!!

Yes....This tree house has been eight days in the making.  We took a break on Thrusday and went to the Kennidy Space Center. ( I will post about that tomorrow).  On Friday we were back in action.  The only thing we have left to do is the Zip Line. 

The Cisco Kid told me he wanted a crane for the top of his tree house. We went to Lowes and I brought him to the section where they sell PVC pipe. I told him we could make the crane out of PVC. That was all it took. As soon as he saw all the different shapes and sizes of pipes, he was in design mode. I gave him one small pointer about how one larger pipe can fit on tip of a smaller pipe so the crane would move. He found the angle he wanted and he knew he wanted the arm to extend going up. At one point he grabbed a couple of people that worked there and asked where he could find a cap for the crane and the pulley. The people spoke to him with such regard and respect. I was amazed. 
The stair case leading to the top deck.  
The view from the top of the Tree House.  
The zip line might be done next weekend. I will post about it then. 


Happy Easter

The other day I asked the Chief to get something for the Cisco Kids Easter Basket and he came home with two Nerf Guns and a Lego Plane. I had previously got all the candy and the little goofy Easter toys. The little goofy Easter toys are my favorite.  This morning The Cisco Kid had a blast seeing, eating and opening it all.  I had to cut off his sugar intake before he went into a sugar coma. 

They could not wait to build the plane.   
Because we were so busy building the Tree House we did not have enough time to color eggs. I will post about the tree house later in the day. We made some real accomplishments.  



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