Friday, January 14, 2011

Killing two birds with one stone.

It is crunch time.  There are still five achievements to complete before our blue and gold in February.   Thursday evening we completed the Start a Collection and Tools for fixing and building achievements.  All the boys in the den are collectors.  Everyone had something to share.  Pokey Mon, Baseball cards, Marbles, rocks, Mc Donald’s toys, Jumping beans and Hess Trucks.  The Cisco Kid has every Hess truck they made since the year he was born. 2003 through 2010. For some reason he didn't want to bring in the helicopter, the pickup truck and the flat bed truck.
After we talked about our collections we built a Game box. A friend of mine told me they went to Lows for their Tools for fixing and building achievement and took one of their classes for kids.  She explained they built a game box and Lows provided the whole kit.  I thought that would be a great idea for my den.  I went to Lows and talked to a manager to see if I could purchase some of the kits.  She told me that they had some left over and since they already had the class she would donate them to me.   The boys loved them.  They were nice and easy to put together.  I also brought in Phillips head screwdriver, flat head screwdriver, several different kinds of pliers, and some mystery tools.  I had a vintage wood plainer, paint can opener and a class cutter.  We discussed what all the tools were used for and how it made working easier.


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Class Field Trip

There are three class field trips this year.  This time we had our second trip to Publix.  They are so supportive of the schools. Publix tour staff did a complete tour of the store and explained every department in detail.  The first stop was the children’s favorite part.  The Bakery!!!!  The cake decorator showed us how they make the icing roses.  It looks so easy.  I can’t wait to try it on one of my cakes.  She also let them feel the dough they make bread with.   
Our next stop was the deli.  The Deli Manager gave all the children wear a hair net and discussed all the food they had to prep in advance.   
Next stop was the back of the store.  It was fun to see how Publix works behind the scenes.  They showed the boys how the box compactor works.  They let them see how cold the walk in freezer is.  Then we went back out front to see how they stocked the shelves with milk.  The amazing thing about the back of the store was that they do not have much stock.  The back was very small and very little on the shelves.   
The Butcher!!!!  This guy was a trip.  He talked about all the different kinds of meet and what animal it came from.  He showed this great big knife that they use to cut the meat.  He also talked about safety when using knifes.  To keep their hand safe from any accidental cuts they use a metal chain glove.  I wish I had one of those gloves.     
Then he went to the fish department and pulled out a great big lobster from the tank and let the kids touch it.  Funny enough this Lobster does tricks.  He had it stand on its head.  Very funny!!
Our last stop was the cash register.  They were all allowed to ring up some groceries and given a receipt. 
The Field trip continued at CiCi's Pizza for lunch. 



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