Friday, October 26, 2012

Working on the Showman pin and Having a Halloween Party

This is our third Webelo pin we are working on. The first two were Aquatics and Readyman. Now on to the Showman pin. This week the boys had to make a sock puppet. They had to give them a name and a personality. Next week we will write a play and they will have their puppets perform.
I had them bring in their socks and I brought all the decorations. I had yarn for hair, colorful eyes, feathers, pipe cleaners, and felt for clothes. The boys really came up with some great characters. The Cisco Kid's sock puppet's name is Camo, and his character is in the military.

Now to get the boys all sugared up for the Halloween celebration.

I made some chocolate cupcakes with Oreo cream butter cream icing. I put a cookie on top for the tomb stone. Of course all the boys went crazy for the chocolate cupcakes including the dads.

As predicted the moms all went for the cupcakes that were an apple spice with a caramel butter cream topping.

 Then they made their own chocolate covered apples with many different kinds of toppings. 



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