Friday, May 25, 2012

Yesterday was our last Den meeting at the school until the fall. We have one more meeting at the Church so the boys can complete their Religious emblem. In the Third Grade it is called God and Me. The pastor at the church was kind enough to offer his time and teach the boys what they need to know for this achievement. They had to make a Game Box and four games. Game Box stands for God And Me BOX. The games all coincided with their student handbook.
My instructions for them when they came to class. 
Making a box out of a Cross. 
The Cisco Kids Box 
A Game Board with Question and Answer cards.  
Their God and Me Student Workbook.
This is the emblem they will receive along with the Religious Cub Scout knot and a small pin signifying how many classes they completed.   


Olympic Celebration at School.

The School wanted to have a celebration for the Olympics and every class represented a country. The Cisco Kid's Class represented Great Britain. They all had the British flags on their backs and they carried the Olympic flame around their necks. They also had sun visors with some England landmarks on them.
Mrs. H, wanted to give the class a treat that represents the Olympics and she asked me to make something. Since they were wearing the Olympic flame around their necks I thought it would be fun to see there expressions when they had the Olympic Torch made out of Ice cream cones.



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