Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summer vacation has officially started.

We went to the Mall today to eat lunch with Art and their is this great Train that we could ride. Well of course we had to ride it. We know how Connor feels about trains. He had a blast.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday. This time it's Bathrooms

This week Show Us Where You Live Friday, Kelly is asking to see Bathrooms. I am showing our Master Bathroom, Guest bathroom and My son's Bathroom.
Starting off with the Master Bathroom.

I got a good deal purchasing this mosaic tile floor on e-bay for $1.75. The catch was shipping cost $175.00. Still a good deal.

I found this wrought iron gate inlay and put it over the arched window to fill up that space.

The tile was a plain Ivory color. I got some tile paint and stenciled this design on them.

Men and their TV’s. Need I say more.

I found this shelf and painted it heirloom white then painted the flowers.

This is our Guest Bathroom.

I purchased this antique chair from an estate sale and I recovered it to match this bathroom.

This bathroom also doubles as a pool bath.

This is my son's Bathroom and it's decorated in a fishermans theme. It is between his bedroom and the guest bedroom. It's called a jack and jill bath.

I chose wallpaper to look like wooden planks. I searched for a long time to get all kinds of fishing decorations that were child friendly.

I hung an antique medicine cabinet to display fishing tackle.

The oars are from Michaels and I hung fishing net from them.

Saying goodby

Connor is writing a letter to his teacher Mrs. Bergman.

WOW! Another trophy!!! 1st Piano, now it’s Soccer. He doesn't know how to act.

We all met at Cold Stone Creamery, and she gave all the kids five dollars gift card to buy their own Ice cream.

Coach Jen is presenting Connor with his soccer trophy.

He is so happy to get this.
He displays them so proudly in his Laboratory

He wants to do grown up things badly

The Cisco Kid is so happy acting like a fish. He is very comfortable in the water.

Please excuse my husbands manors. They are...Well you'll see.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Shabby Chic hand painted picture.

A little paint creates a new look for the very cute frame and painting. The frame is covered in rose buds. They were all pink. I painted them Heirloom white and hand painted roses. Shabby Chic is a homey, romantic, comforting look. I like it because of it's homey and welcoming feeling.

Teaching is fun

I demonstrated scuba diving equipment today in Mrs Bergman and Mrs Welu’s Class. I discussed how to dive using the jacket, octopus, computer on the octopus, flippers, mask and weights. I let the children feel the air coming out of the mouthpieces. I told them part of the equipment with all the hoses is called an octopus. They just loved that. I demonstrated how and why the jacket should be inflated. And again, they loved it.
I’m demonstrating the pressure of water using a ball. Also explaining how pressure condenses air.

I showed the children how air is light and it will float by letting them watch bubbles come to the surface of a bottle filled with detergent and water. Then talked about the body floating because we have air in our lungs. Then we needed to add weights to our body to get us to sink.


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