Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Mad Scientist is at work.

Every Friday in The Cisco Kids Class, Mr. M has a Mad Scientist hour. This past Friday he had a volcano erupt, A Tornado spin in a bottle and he made green Slim. For the Volcano, he had the lava flow down the mountain by used baking soda and Vinegar. The Kids were in awe. They wanted to see more so they started chanting....Add More! Add More! Add More! 
For the Tornado he used two soda bottles. There are only four very easy steps to make this science project. He punched a hole in both lids. He then lined up the lids, making sure the holes line up and glued them together. He filled ¾ of the way with water and used some food coloring to color the water. The last step was to screw both bottles to the lids and let the water flow from the top bottle to the empty bottle below.
For the Slime he used borax laundry detergent, Elmer’s glue and water.


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