Monday, November 8, 2010

Sometimes mom's come up with really great ideas.

So far The Cisco Kid has expressed an interest in just a couple of items he wants for Christmas. The items he told us about was... a bike and a razor scooter. I have been trying to pry some information out of him on other toys he might be interested in. That has not been successful. Then it hit me!! The greatest idea!! I'm sure I am not the only one who thought of doing this but when it hit me I got so excited. I decided to tell the Cisco Kid that Santa is not taking just letters anymore. He is now working on his computer and looking to see if children have registered a wish list full of toys. I proceeded to tell him that we had to go to Toys "R" Us and opening a wish list account.  Once the account was open he will get a scanner so he can scan all the toys he wants into his wish list.

Saturday, right after his Soccer game, we went to Toys "R" Us and opened the account. The person that was opening the account was so cool about it. She really played it up. She explained to The Cisco Kid how the scanner worked and handed it to him. She told him to push the yellow button and run the red beam over the bar code. After she was all done he turned to me and said...... mom you can show me what a bare code is. I didn’t realize he didn't know what a bar code was. He now knows! I can't tell you how excited he was to have that thing in his hot little hands.

It was so cute watching him run around the store and scan all the items he wanted. He was scanning so much that we had to explain to him Santa couldn't possibly get him everything. Santa has lots of children to give toys too. He said I understand! I want to give Santa options. O.K. Then!!! I can’t argue with that.

We went up and down every Isle. When it was all said and done he had scanned 76 items.


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fun Days / End of the month wrap it up posts.

So much was happening in October and I didn't have enough time to make all my posts.  Better late than never.   So here is what I am going to call my post I haven't had time to do.  End of the month wrap it up posts.

My birthday was in October and my husband took me to my favorite restaurant. The Melting Pot. I love their cheese fondues with all the veggies and bread. Also their sesame battered chicken, dipped in their special sauces. Then for desert.... The chocolate fondue with cheesecake, strawberries, brownies, pound cake, bananas, rice crispy treats. It is always a treat going there to eat.

Another birthday celebration for me... was when my dear friend and her mother had me over for lunch. She surprised me with the most spectacular salad bar and wonderful gifts. She had set up this award winning salad bar you can ever imagine. Oh! Did I mention... I also love salad bars. Everything was so fresh and delicious.
The Cup cakes were so delicious.  There were so many different flavor cupcakes.  They all sounded so delicious I had a hard time choosing from the Oreo cookie, peanut butter, strawberry, wedding cake, double chocolate and Coconut.  I chose the coconut flavored cup cake and it was a perfect choice.  That was one good cupcake.  
 I thought that the lunch and the wonderful cupcakes was so a perfect b-day celebration.  But these two did not think so.  They had some more surprises for me.
My favorite candy is Godiva chocolates.  They are so delicious.  I love anything Godiva.  They even have Godiva Coffee. 
Such beautiful gifts.
This looks wonderful on my piano.  Thank you so much Kimberly.  I love it.  

That was a great surprise lady's.

                                                                CLASS TRIP
The Cisco Kid had his first Class trip in October and it was to  Sykes Farms Maze.  It was actually a very cool class trip. We first walked through a corn field maze.      The picture on her shirt is the entire maze.  They said that when you fly over the top this is the picture you will see.  They don't cut this maze every year they plant so when the plants grow the maze is already there. 
 Phase one of the corn field maze was the sunflower on her shirt.  Later in the day we walked Phase 2 and that one was the wording Sykes Farms.  Of course you couldn't tell one phase from the next but the kids enjoyed the adventure. 
They liked feeding and watching Ms. Piggy drink water.  
 I never knew chickens can lay colored eggs. Very interesting!!!!
They all went on a hay ride through the pumpkin patch.   
 Then they played on a very large air mattress.
 A tractor tire play ground and slides.  There was a sand box with a unique concept.  Instead of sad they used corn.   



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