Saturday, November 21, 2009

What a Military man wants to say

I don’t' post about my husband too much. The Cisco Kid and the Chief were on the computer looking and different kinds of military vessels, when he came across some very familiar pictures.
He has had an honorable and adventurous past in the Military. He started his career in the US Army as a Military Police officer. Three years later he was assigned to the demilitarized zone n Korea as an infantry man. After one year in Korea he went back to the Military Police for his remaining year and a half in the Army. At that point he decided to change his career. He enlisted in the US coast guard, spending his remaining year’s capturing drug runners, saving refugee migrant’s in a desperate attempt to navigate across the Caribbean in nothing more than a raft or a flimsy boat. He also rescued mariners in distress, and this includes going into several hurricanes to conduct risky rescues.
After 20 years he retired as a Chief Petty Officer.
In my sheltered world I can only visualize some of his heroic actions.

That, is my husband. (The Chief)

This is my husband’s first post.

Here is a picture of me (the Chief) on his Coast Guard Cutter, the USCGC Mohawk (WMEC-913). It was taken in 1994 as we were approaching a U. S. Navy ship to refuel. We had just completed five long months of picking up migrants at sea and taking them to the Naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. This was during the last great exodus of during the summer of 1994 when almost 38,000 Haitians and Cubans left their homeland trying to illegally enter the United States. We were very tired and out of both fuel and food. The U. S. Navy did a great job coming to help us rescue these migrants. Between the Coast Guard and Navy, we saved a lot of misguided migrants at sea who had no idea when they set out just how dangerous the ocean can be.

The Chief on the Bridge.
Close up of the Chief on the Bridge.
Boarding a boat for inspection.
One of the great views of Dolphins riding the bow. Mohawk in dry dock for repairs.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Cub Scout go to the Fire Station

This was an amazing experience for all the boys. We have never been to the Fire Station. The Cub Scouts got the royal tour through the Fire Station. We have always seen and toured the fire trucks when they come to the school. This was a real treat for them to see firsthand on how a real fire station works.

These three fire men put so much education in their tour of the Fire Station.
One of the fire men started out by talking about safety and what you should do in case of a fire. He went over all of the safety rules from getting out of the house, having a designated area where you should meet your family, to not going back into the burning house to look for your pets.

He gave the boys a real treat when he had the fire alarm go off. It was nothing like they thought. The first thing the Cisco Kid asked the fire man was……can I ring the bell. He had to explain that it was all computerized and it came through the intercom, not by pulling a rope on a big red bell. The look on the Cisco Kids face was priceless.

This is the tour of where they sleep. They work 12 hours on and two days off.
The Fire Truck.

The Fire man is showing the boys all the equipment on the truck and telling them in detail what it is used for.

He showed the Cisco Kids Favorite piece of equipment. The Jaws Of Life.
Walking through the front of the Fire Truck.
The talked about the ambulance and let the boys walk through it.

For the grand finale the fire man dressed up in his full fire gear and let the boys here how he sounds through his breathing apparatus.

All the boys said...... This was the best night ever.
Have a great weekend.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Go Lightning!!!!

The Cisco Kid had his last soccer game for the fall season. The coach had some pretty amazing things to say about the Cisco Kid. Way to go my son!!!! I'm very proud of all his accomplishments. He was so excited to get his trophy.
These two coaches are great and they really love the sport. They encourage the boys with confidence and praise. Prior to receiving their trophies they had a pizza party complete with cupcakes.
The Cisco Kid is number 8 and on the blue team. Here are some great plays from the Cisco Kid and team members.

Even though at this age group they don't officially keep score, it was a great season for Lightning. Way to go Lightning!!!!

Thank you Kim, from "Pair Slices" for participating in "What would your Children say?" Wednesday.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Great Holiday Deals

I just have to share this site I found. This web site has amazing prices on some gorgeous counter stools. As you stroll around the site you can see they have slashed prices and are offering Free Shipping. There are so many different styles to choose from. This is the style stool I have in my kitchen. The wood tone seat matches the surrounding cabinets and the black matches all my appliances.

You can check out all the fabulous counter stools at


A boys new best freind!!! No, not a dog.

I love to document these great moments. With children and their fast growing years everything goes by in a flash. Here is where we can remember for years all the wonderful things they say and do. Join me in "What would your children say?" Wednesday.

This boys new best friend is wikipedia. The chief and the Cisco Kid have been wikipedia junkies. everytime the Cisco Kid askes my husband a question ( and there are alot of them.) they go to the computer and look it up on wikipedia. Now the Cisco Kid wants to look up everything on wikipedia. This brings me to tell you this story.

I was driving the Cisco Kid to school and he was asking why are there white blinking lites on top of the school bus. I told him I think it is for safety reasons. It lets drivers know there is a school bus ahead and not a regular public bus. He said well.... maybe it is so plains can see them, because on top of all the towers there are white blinking lites. I explained that the tower light are very high and the bus is not, so that couldn't be the reason. He then said..... Mom we have to look it up in busipedia!


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Off to the Races

Over the weekend we went out with some great friends and had lots of fun at Adventure Landing. We raced go carts, played 18 holes of golf and ending the evening with a good dinner at Sonny's BBQ.

The little rascals were so happy to see each other.
All buckled in and ready to race.

Watch out!! The wild woman is on the road and racing to the finish line, at a snail's pace.
It’s time for the little rascals to ride a go cart all by themselves.

The mom squad ran out of batteries in our cameras and we were unable to take pictures of the golfing and dinner. It really worked out for the best we were able to talk and catch up with each other instead of acting like the paparazzi.



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