Friday, February 19, 2010

A great kids craft!! Fun at any age.

Last weekend the Cub Scout Boys were hiking and I asked them to pick up some ground items for their musical instruments that we will be making at our next den meeting. Yesterday I had them make the instrument, which turned out to be two instruments in one. The boy’s supplied acorns, nuts, berries, etc. I brought in the beads, rube bands, cardboard tubes, duct tape, and crayons. I started by giving them four beads each.
I have to apologize in advance for the quality of the pictures. These were taken from the Chief's phone.  
Supplies needed to make the instrument.
They took the rube band and cut it in half. Then we tied one bead to one end. Then we added the two loose beads. With the last bead, we then tied it to the other end of the rube band.
We took the cardboard tube and cut two slits, one at each end. We then took the rube band and slipped the bead into the slit at the top and bottom of the tube.
With the band secured into the slits it could be played.
We then took duct tape and taped one end of the tube.
Put the acorns in the other end of the tube. Then tape that end with Duct tape.
They completed the instrument by coloring it. It looked like the parents were having fun helping the boys.  


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Guitar for the Cisco Kid

The Cisco Kid has been asking for a Guitar for several months. He finally got him one for his Birthday. He says he wants to be a rock star like Hanna Montana. For Christmas, he got a karaoke machine and all he plays is his Hanna Montana CD's. It is so funny when he sings into the microphone and plays the guitar. Now all I need to do is find a guitar teacher locally so he could start taking lessons.   
The Cisco Kid wanted the Chief to play the piano and me to film their band. It was very cute but since the two of them have not a clue what they are doing, it was all a bunch of noise.
I wish I captured the look on his face when he realized he dropped the pick inside the Guitar.  I was laughing so hard.
He is now looking for his spare pick.
Ahhhh! Success!!! Another pick.
Back to the noise!!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Another Cub Scout Post!!!!

I feel like lately that all my posts are about my son, Cub Scouts and cooking. My favorite topics!! The Cub Scouts finished their last Tiger Trail Achievement needed so they could receive their Cub Scout badge. Over the weekend we went on a hike. We went to an old orange orchard that is on 54 acres. We discussed the safe way to hike and the items they should bring on a hike. We also discussed how we shouldn't destroy the environment and how we could preserve it. Along the trail I had the boys pick up some small items like acorns, berries, nuts, small sticks, etc. This Thursday they will use those items to make instruments.
I’m handing out plastic lunch bags so they could collect their items. 
On the trail we go!!!
This part is so pretty overlooking the river.
The old farm house
The boys love the woods.  It was about 40 degrees, they acted like the cold didn't exist. 
They built the playground on the property to resemble the orange orchard. Complete with orange sorting conveyer belt.
     Saturday is our big dinner and ceremony with new ranking badges.


Monday, February 15, 2010

Four steps to a delicious full meal including a Steak marinated in raspberry vinaigrette

My husband the Chief as been watching his weight and has started to be more conscious of what he eats. He goes out to lunch with his buddy Josh everyday and they head to Sub way. Normally the Chief gets a twelve-inch Italian. At one point, he decided to scale it down to a six-inch Italian. When he saw Subway had a veggie patty sub, he decided to try that. He loves that sub and now that is all he eats. He has taken the veggie Berger one step further. Now when I go to the grocery store he has me get the frozen grilled Boca veggie burgers for him. He now eats them for breakfast. I know my husband and even though he could eat those burgers for breakfast and lunch every day, without variety, he will start to stray from watching his weight. Since he is a big meat lover, I decided to cook him a steak. I called him at work and told him we were having steak for dinner. I think he was drooling he started to stutter. When it was time for him to come home from work he told his co-workers that he had to leave... there is a steak at home with his name on it. This is what I cooked for him.
I got two Beef Tenderloin Steaks.    
I marinated the steak in a mixture of Raspberry vinaigrette and the juice of the mandarin oranges.
I marinated it for four hours in the fridge. 
In addition, I made asparagus and pan seared potatoes with caramelized onions. 
First, pan-fry the potatoes.
Then add the onions and fry until they are see through. 
Add 1/2 cup of Raspberry vinaigrette dressing and the drained mandarin oranges. Cook on medium high heat until everything is caramelized.
In the same pan. (Remember do not wash the pan all the flavors will follow through each dish). Add 1/2 cup of water to the asparagus and reduce the water down until the asparagus becomes tender and slightly caramelized. Cook on medium heat.
Again, do not wash the pan. Place the marinated steaks in the pan with some of the marinated mixture. Sear the steak to rare, med rare or well, whatever you desired.
Two Beef Tenderloin Steaks.
One bottle of Raspberry vinaigrette dressing. 1 cup for marinating and ½ cup for the potatoes.
6 red new potatoes
1/2 large onion, sliced
12 stalks of Asparagus
1- 4 oz can of mandarin oranges
¼ cup of Olive oil

Step one!!!
To marinade the steaks.
Remove the steaks from the package and rinse. Place them in a container and add the juice from the mandarin oranges and one cup of raspberry vinaigrette dressing. Toss the steaks and refrigerate for at least four hours.

Step two!!!!
Pan frying the potatoes and onions
Heat the oil in a frying pan. Cut the potatoes into wedges and place in the heated oil.
Fry until all sides are slightly crispy. Add the onions and cook until they are see-through.
Then add ½ cup of the Raspberry vinaigrette dressing and the drained mandarin oranges. Cook until everything is caramelized. The oranges will disappear but the flavor will be wonderful. When it is done remove it from the pan and set aside.

Step three!!!
In the same pan without washing it, place the stalks of asparagus with 1/2 cup of water in the pan. Simmer until the water has evaporated and they are slightly caramelized.
Once they are done remove the asparagus from pan and set aside.

Step four!!!!!
In the same pan without washing it, place the steaks in the pan with ¼ cup of the marinade. Pan-fry your steak the way you like, rare, medium, medium well or well.

The Chief loved this meal.

For more great recipes go to Temp My Tummy.


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