Thursday, August 26, 2010

Blog being turned into a digital hardcover book

My Blog book is almost complete. If I continue to work on it every day, I will have it by the end of September. I have final page count at 285 pages. This is one full year of posts. The only thing I did not put in this book are all my Family Heritage recipes. I want to make a separate book for that. To see more of my pages you can go to Blog Book, Sneak PeakNew Pages.

Here are some new pages I completed recently.

This is what my cover will look like. I'm not sure I am going to keep it. I am trying to decide if it looks too much like a bridal shower book.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The race starts...NOW!!

Now that the fall season is quickly approaching we are going to be packed with activities. Keeping up with The Cisco Kids homework and practicing his guitar nightly is one thing. Keeping up with all The Cisco Kid’s activities is going to be another story. Starting August 31 we have our first Soccer practice. Starting September is church and Cub Scouts. This means we will be busy every day of the week except for Sunday and Monday. I can't forget that I have to fit in my Antique booth somewhere in there.  I go there a couple times a week to spruce things up. So... The race is on to keep up with everything. 

With School starting this week it has been several days since I have been to my Antique booth and it was in much needed re-arranging. Here is what I spend a few hours on today.


Monday, August 23, 2010

The first day of school

Second Grade!!!! I can’t believe it. The Cisco Kid has so many great qualities. I walked him to his class today and I purposely walked about ten steps behind so he could have some space. He loves his independence. It was a touching moment as I watched him great all his friends and introducing himself to the kids he didn't know. He is so happy in his every move. He walks with pride and confidents. He's only 7 years old and he is very secure in his own skin. All I could think of was what a great person he is and what a tremendous person he will be.  

The Cisco Kid's first day at school.

This is one of his friends going all the way back to 3 year old pre-k and another friend from 1st grade.   
The Cisco Kid is putting away his supplies and setting up his desk. 

Every morning Mr. M has all the children move their name on their food choice for lunch 
The Cisco kid's name will remain on the Chicken Nuggets all week except on Pizza day. That is his way of switching it up.  



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