Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My last activity as this years room mom.

At last!!!! The end of the year is here. I have done so much work this year in The Cisco Kid's 2nd grade class than I have done since he started school. As a room mom you are expected to organize and put together all class parties, gather gifts for the teacher’s birthday and teacher’s appreciation as well as doing any fund raising events the school has planned. That did not stop there for me. I was asked to come in every Friday and help give the spelling test to the children.  I have to say..... I am glad it is OVER!!!
This was there last event.  This was there last big end of the year class party.  We had many water games and a water slide.  After all the fun activities they went inside and had a great time eating all the ice cream and loads of toppings they wanted.  Of course The Cisco Kid had two very big servings. 
This game was all about shooting the ball to the finish line with a water gun. 
To make this slide more slippery, I added soap and these kids went flying. 
This was a race against the boys and the girls.  They had to see which team filled a small pail of water only using a very small Dixie cup.   The Girls won!
The Ice Cream!!!  There was everything here from Chocolate dipped marshmallow's to every candy known to child.
 A friend of mine gave me this brilliant idea on how to present the end of the year gift to the teacher. All the parents could participate in giving a gift card of their choice. The gift cards were arranged in a large bouquet with some themed cookies.
The children had a blast and that is all that really matters!
I guess I will start this all over again in the Fall.  


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