Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Gazing Glass Yard Ornaments

A couple of weeks ago I was antique shopping and I came across some Yard Gazing Glass that was made out of vintage pressed glass.  They really sparkled in the sun.  Vintage pressed glass is something that I have been collecting for years.  It was very hard for me to imagine taking some of my pieces and turning them into yard gazing glass.  I decided to go to some thrift shops and see if I could find some odd vintage pieces.   I have found several pieces that made some really nice Gazing Glass ornaments.  These are a few of them.   All these pieces start off with a single flower vase.  I turn it upside down and glue all the items on the bottom of the vase.  I then put a dowel in the ground or planter and put the vase over the top.  

This piece is made out of a large vintage bowl, ceiling fan globe and small vintage bowl.
This piece is made from two vintage cake plates, light globe and ceiling fan globe.  

These are not vintage items at all.  I found different color items and wanted to see how it would look as a Gazing Glass.  As much as I like the way the vintage crystal glass shimmers in the sun, I think I like the way the color one looks in a bed of flowers a little better. 



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