Friday, July 29, 2011

American Idol Concert

We have been watching American Idol for the past few years and this year was the best season. There was so much talent. The top eleven were so good that we had to go see them in concert. This is the Cisco Kids first adult concert. When he was three years old we took him to see The Wiggles. That was the last time he saw a singing group on stage. When we went to see The Wiggles, I think I was dancing more than The Cisco Kid was. It was totally the opposite with the American Idol Concert. He was rock'n and rollin the whole time. It was so cute to watch. I think there will be more concerts in our future.
Laurenn was the second runner up.  Scotty was the winner.
All the girls on stage singing.
I took lots of pictures but the stage lighting was so bright and shined out into the audience that they didn't come out very well. This was a perfect concert for an eight year old. Everything was very appropriate. I was seventeen and just moved to Florida when I saw my first rock and roll band on stage. I was so excited to see Foreigner for the first time. After that concert I was hooked. I went to every possible concert that came to Jacksonville. Back then tickets only cost $8.50.  That is a big deference from the 70.00 dollar price tag today.  The other bands I saw were Boston, Styx, The Police, (they opened for Styx), YES, Electric light Orchestra, AC/DC, Eagles & Heart.  Those were the days!!!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Continuing the Hollywood Studio tour.

As many time as we have been to Hollywood Studios we have never stayed for the evening Fantasmic fireworks show. This show is a forty five minute extravaganza of more than just a fireworks show. It is a water show, character show, boat show and fireworks. 
Here is a sample of the show. 

Tomorrow I'll post about the American Idol Concert.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hollywood..... here we come

No, not Hollywood CA, but Disney's, Hollywood Studios. Our main reason for going to Orlando over the weekend was to see American Idol’s Live Concert. The Concert was on Sunday and we arrived in Orlando on Saturday. We had a full day in Hollywood Studios. We got to the park at 10:a.m. and stayed until 11:00p.m. We saw our favorite shows that we have seen before and we got to go on a couple of new rides.
Character just roaming the streets.

The Hollywood Tower of Terror! The Chief and the Cisco Kid wanted to go on this ride. I have avoided this ride for many years. I love rides, but there is one kid of ride I do not like. Two words sum it up. FREE FALLING!! I hate free falling rides and the Tower of Terror is a Twilight Zone experience. First you go to the 13th floor of a Hotel, and then the ghosts electrify the hotel. At that point the doors to the elevator open and you find yourself moving out a large opening 13 floor up. Just before the elevator extends out the large opening the elevator drops out from under you. You are in a free fall for several seconds. Even though you are strapped to the seat, somehow the seat comes out from under you. Just when you think it is all over you climb back up and it drops again. Wait! it's not over yet. It does this about four or five times. I lost count because I was worried about The Cisco Kid and if he was freaked out. Don't worry about him. He loved it.  
We are sitting in the middle row far left.  I am looking at The Cisco Kid making sure he is ok.   I won't be going on that ride any time soon. 
We always enjoy seeing the Indiana Jones stunt show. 
We went to Hollywood and Vine for lunch.  The food was ok but it was fun seeing the characters.  Special agent Oso.
Little Einstein. 
Handy Manny! Now these characters are not allowed to speak, so everything they do is with had gestures only. The Cisco Kid wanted to take a picture of Handy Manny with his I pod and he was having trouble getting it to flip to the camera setting. So Handy Manny jumped in and gestured to The Cisco Kid how to switch it over. Good thing it was Handy Manny. He really does know how to fix everything. 
This was an all you can eat buffett and the picture is some of the childrens meals.   
Tomorrow I will post the rest of the evening at Hollywood Studios.  



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