Thursday, June 23, 2011

You have to love the world of technology.

Technology is a wonderful thing. When we were in Disney last week we discovered a new section of Epcot called Innovations. It is all technology oriented. We are staring in a video game that we made. Cute!!! Just hit the link and you can start playing the game.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dreaming of Chocolate

For the past couple of weeks we wanted to get together with some friends, and finding something new and exciting to do is getting harder and harder. The Chief had a team building day at work and one of the events that were scheduled was a factory tour through Whetstones Chocolate. I thought that was a great idea. I have always heard about the factory tour but never been.
There is two parts to the tour. One part is in the store itself and the other part was in another building across the parking lot. That is where they have all the machinery. This was a great activity to see. Small and quaint, but that is like everything is St Augustine. The store area was set up so beautifully and I just wanted to buy one of everything. They had a new product and I just had to have it. It was calling my name. The product is called, Chocolate Amaretto Liqueur Sauce. I absolutely love it in my coffee. We have poured this wonderful sauce over strawberries and bananas. Sooooo delicious!
We were waiting for the tour to start and the boys were having fun in the hall.
The guys were in deep conversation.  
We just got done testing our second piece of chocolate and the boys were giddy.   
we are now in the factory. getting ready to test another piece of chocolate.   
OH MY GOODNESS!!!!  We look so funny with these hats. 
Now that is even funnier!!!!! Even though the Chief is bald he still had to wear one.  
Free flowing chocolate.  That is a great sight.   
The wrapping machine. We were able to eat the chocolate on the conveyer belt. 
OH MY!!! 
Lucile Ball made a citcom with Ethel in a chocolate factory. They had to wrap the chocolates as they passed on the conveyer belt. Everything turned when the conveyer belt sped up and they could not keep up.   

It was a great day with our friends.


Monday, June 20, 2011

Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom was so packed and very hot. In magic kingdom you wait in line outside and most of it has very little air circulation. Now on the other hand, Epcot is a little bit more comfortable. Don’t get me wrong it was still hot, but definitely not as crowded. Epcot also has more attractions that have the lines inside that are air-conditioned.   
We always go to our favorites rides first. In Epcot, The Cisco Kids loves Test Track so when he saw this race track in Magic Kingdom he had to go on them. This is the first year he was able to ride it by himself. 
Buzz Lightyear is another favorite.  If you are into a challenge with shooting something down and gaining points for every shot, Buzz Lightyear is your kind of ride.  It certainly is The Cisco Kids kind of game.   
Our last stop was the Swiss family Robinson tree house. 
We decided to go and eat at the Shades of Green on the property. They have all you can eat buffet that includes salad and soup bar and a desert bar. They also have a small kids bar that includes mac'n' cheese, mini corn dogs and mixed veggies.  The prices are so reasonable. Our bill came out to $42.00 with tip. They had a extra special treat for the kids. They could make their own pizza. 
 After dinner we took the bus to where we could take the boat back to our hotel.  The view was so nice with the sun setting near our hotel. 
Well this was the end of our day and stay at Disney.  We were all so tired.  


Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Disney Parks

We spent so much time in the Innovations section of Epcot and enjoyed all they had to offer. This was the best part of the trip. The Cisco Kid loved all the different technical experiences. One innovation experience we thought was so much fun was building a computerized program.  Then we took the program and inserted it into a gigantic arm ride so it would do what we built. We sat in the arm and the program ran exactly the way we programmed it to. We chose jet flying. The Cisco Kid decided how many turns, loops and how fast the jet could go.
This was so cool.  We put ourselves in a video game.  I will post the game tomorrow.   
Disney so good about creating these spectacular topiaries. The Cars Characters were so perfect.   
The restaurant in the Country Canada was highly recommended as a place to eat.  We decided to go and try it out.  On our way there the gardens were amazing.  I wish I could make my back yard look like this.   
The guys just having fun. 
When we left the restaurant we decided to stop and have The Cisco Kid color a bear so he could go to the rest of the countries and get them to stamp it.   
Last day in the parks tomorrow.


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