Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Chief Can Cook.

Yesterday I had a very long and busy day. The Cisco Kid is growing out of everything so fast. We went shopping and bought him some shoes and clothes. After we left the Mall, I went to my booth and put some items in there. We didn't get home until 4:00 and I was too tired to cook. The chief took over and made a wonderful meal.

He made garlic red mashed potatoes, brown mushroom gravy, buttered peas and grilled steak. 
It was so good!!!!
For the past two month The Cisco kid has been eating the same dinners that we eat. In the past I have been one of those moms that made a separate meal for my son. He would argue and disagree when I tried to serve him what we ate and instead of arguing with him it was easier to make him a separate meal. I had to pick my battles and fighting at dinner was not one I wanted to pick. All he would eat for the main course is; chicken Tenders, grilled cheese, pizza, hamburgers or hotdogs. For the sides he would only eat; peas, raw carrots and corn. Other foods were yogurt, PB& J, and he does go through two gallons of milk a week. Now I am not going to go through the potato chip and desert group. He will ditch all of the above for those in a second. Two months ago I came to the end of my rope and told him that I am tired of cooking two different meals every night and he was going to eat what we ate. I told him, it was not up for debate or discussion he was going to eat what we ate!!!! I am relieved to say he is eating Teriyaki grilled chicken, BBQ grilled tenderloin, grilled steak. I am still working on the vegetable part of it but at least the main course is much healthier than what he ate in the past.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Real Housewives of NY

I’m not sure how many of my readers actually watch The Real Housewives of NY. I love that show. The show just finished its third season and this was the most troubling to watch. This season had so much content that they had to run 3 Reunion shows so everyone can explain their actions. All of them played a part in a verbal war. As I watch these ladies badger each other, I form my own opinion and chose sides. Even though I chose sides I do like all the ladies for various reasons. But when I say this season was the most troubling to watch, I am not saying that lightly. I am speaking of Kelly in particular. She likes to be portrayed as a kind hearted, vulnerable, tortured soul. She may be kind hearted but vulnerable and tortured….NO!!!! She proved this season she is truly not in touch with reality. She has her own vision of what is going on and it is not even close to reality.   I think she is very envious of Bethany.  Perhaps she also doesn’t like to be overshadowed by Bethany and the only way she can deal with it is by playing the tortured victim.  There are so many signals leading to this conclusion. She doesn’t like when Bethany speaks her mind. She doesn’t like when any one pays Bethany some attention. Proven on scary island when she didn’t want Ramona to apologize to Bethany and told Ramona to ZIP IT!!! Then when Kelly spoke to Jill, she said all Jill wanted to know was how Bethany was. Kelly made a comment stating; again everyone is worried about Bethany’s world. The last clue was Kelly mixed her own drink and called it The Kelly. Hummmm!!!! That sounds like what Bethany did last season by marketing the Skinnygirl Margarita. At that point it was out of the bag. The poor girl is a wannabe and can’t meet the standards. I can’t wait until Thursday to see the last reunion show for this season.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Shabby Chic Inspiratins and many new items in my booth.

I am really starting to accumulate some great items for my Shabby Chic Inspirations booth. I really enjoy decorating. This is a creative decorating outlet for me. I will decorate any chance I get and I love all styles. Since my booth is in an Antique Mall I try to stick with original, vintage and antiques pieces. When I bring furniture home, I really try to think of a way I could make it an original piece. I want it to look like something you will not find anywhere else. My 6x6 booth is quite challenging to decorate because of the small space. I like everything to have a cohesive look with all the items complementing each other. I don't want it to look like things were just put in there to sell.

Last week my booth looked like this.
A whole new look and a complete change for this weeks Shabby Chic Inspirations booth. 
Thank you everyone for e-mailing me about the items in my booth.  I am unable to respond back to some e-mails.  Please include your e-mail address with your questions and I will be more than happy to answer your questions.
If I have not gotten back to you by now, please e-mail me again. 
Thanks so much.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Before and After Shabby Chic Inspiration photo.

Saturday I was out hunting for those special items I could put in my Shabby Chic Inspirations booth. I came across this wonderful little kitchenette table. It was already painted black so all I had to do was touch it up.

I picked these Ethan Allen chairs up a couple of years ago at an Antique Mall. I used them for a while in my Cottage but now that I don't need them I thought they might look great with this black table.

As I was looking at the table I felt it needed something. I added on of my hand painted flower cluster to the center in hopes it would add that special little something you would not find anywhere else.


Hand painted flower cluster
This is going in my Booth tomorrow at sugar Bears Antique Mall.  I will post pictures of all my wonderful  finds then. 


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