Saturday, April 3, 2010

Back on the Disney Ship and away we go!!!

Our last day on the cruise.  The day was filled with getting the Cisco Kids pictures taken with some more characters. 
As we were walking around the ship we came across Snow White.  This was the only princes I could get the Cisco Kid to take a picture with.  He wanted nothing to do with any of the other princesses. 
This is evening Mickey in his tux.  
The Cisco Kid was not smiling for the camera so Mickey decided to tickle him.
It worked!!!  Great Smile!!
Evening Daisy in her glitter dress.  
Our waiter was so entertaining with all his magic tricks. He promised the Cisco Kid he would tell him how all his tricks worked on the last night.  
The waiter reveled he had a fake rubber thumb that fit over his thumb. He was able to fill it with the red cloth and the sugar to make it disappear and reappear.  
We are leaving the ship but I think we will be back.


A day on Disneys Casaway Cay

You can cast me on Castaway Cay and leave me there.  This island is so peaceful.  It is designated for the Disney's Cruise Ship only. They have so much to do and eat you don't have to go back to the ship for anything.   
You can walk or take a tram to the beach.  We decided to walk so we could take advantage of all these cute photo ops.
This is the Cisco Kids favorite spot on the beach. Digging up Whale bones! This site has a whale skeleton that is approximately 6 feet tall and 50 feet long. They have very large teeth and extra bones buried in the sand so the kids could find. 
It started to get hot and the nice cool Bahaman water was so refreshing. Cristal clear waters, white sandy beach with the nice worm sun. Need I say any more?
This is a new play area with two slides and water cannons.  The tricky part is you can't walk to it.  You have to swim to it.  It is a short swim but never the less you do have to swim. 
A perfect Island to spend the day on.
Back on ship and more characters to take a picture with.  Pluto!
I will post more Characters and Disney adventures later in the day!!!


Friday, April 2, 2010

Another day on our Disney Cruise

Our first stop was Nassau in the Bahamas. The evening prior to the Nassau stop we decided to book an Atlantis Water Park excursion. Unfortunately we waited to long to book the excursion and they were all sold out. Fortunately we have been to Atlantis before on our prior Disney Cruise. We were not too heartbroken and there wasn't anything else that we were interested in doing. We decided to stay on the ship and experience all the activities on board.

The ship has special activities just for kids. One of the activities the Cisco Kid enjoyed was cooking ratatouille with the chef. They actually made Chocolate Chip Cookies.

They started by giving all the kids hats so they could decorated. Then they all had a small bowl to mix all their ingredients. Once all the ingredients were mixed together they dumped them in a very large bowl. The chef had her helpers bring the cookies to their special magic ovens that bake cookies very fast and instantly they all had their yummy cookies to eat.
He enjoyed eating his cookie.
This little boy stayed in the pool for about four hours playing with his new friends and sliding on the slide. 
The pool was heated and my camera lens fogged up. 
After a fun day on the ship it was time to get ready for Theme Night!!!! Pirates of the Caribbean! Everything transforms on the ship into Pirates of the Caribbean. All the Characters are in their pirated costumes.
Pirate Chip and Dale!  
Pirate Mini giving the Cisco Kid a Kiss!
This is the first year the Cisco Kid is interested in getting signatures of all the characters. 
Pirate Stich!
Every evening we have dinner in a different restaurant and every restaurant has a different theme. Animator's Palate is one of my favorites. During the night the room transforms into many colors and Disney movie clips play throughout the night. 

The food is spectacular.  This was the best beef I have eaten in a long time.
Our waiter had another magic trick up his sleeve. Making the sugar disappear and reappear. The Cisco Kid loves magic.
After dinner we stepped out on the deck and watched the sun set. 
The pirate party started with Mickey zip lining from the top of one of the ships stacks on to the stage. 
There was a great show and then the fireworks.  It didn't end there!
A feast fit for a pirate and the crew.  There was so much food. 
The Pirate party ended around 11:30p.m. and we were ready for bed.  When we got to our room there was another towel animal.  Lobster with some gold chocolate coins.  It was a great ending to a great day.


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