Saturday, July 11, 2009

It's his birthday everyday.

Not really, we promised him a cupcake and that was the only one Publix had left. So…..PARTY!!!!

There’s a new game on Wednesday's its....What would your children say? Wednesday
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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Entrances and foyers

This week it’s show us where you live Friday, Entrances and foyer.
I am changing up my post a bit. Every time I sit down to type a post and upload pictures, my son constantly remarks on the pictures that I am showing. Some of his remarks are hilarious. Out of the mouth of Babes. I thought it would be hilarious if every Wednesday we can share, What would our children say!!! If they were to post. I am going to do this post as if my son was posting It. If your child or children can do a post what would they really say about it?
On to...Show us where you live Friday, Kelly is asking to see Entrances and Foyers.
Cisco Kid: Hi!!!
Cisco Kid: I'm the Cisco Kid, welcome to my lair.
Cisco Kid: Why are you making me smell these flowers, MOM.
Mommy: Oh, just smell the flowers so I can get a cute picture.

Cisco Kid: I can't see! it is to bright out here.

Mommy: I'm going as fast as I could.

Mommy: Please stay still. Just a few more pictures.
Cisco Kid: Mom, this picture is good enough.

Cisco Kid: OK now it's time to go inside.
Cisco Kid: Why won't this door open?

Mommy: Push down the handle.

Cisco Kid: OK... now is this some kind of joke?
Cisco Kid: Let me in. This is NOT FUNNY!

Mommy: OK let me try.

Cisco Kid: Why are you still out there? Come on in. Cisco Kid: My mom painted this before I was born.

Cisco Kid: Signing out.
Marianne: That was fun. I hope to see you participate on Wednesday. Have a great weekend.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Summer vacation and keeping busy

Its four weeks since the Cisco Kid started his summer vacation from school. We have been enjoying the summer so far. The Cisco Kid goes to camp one or two days a week and then one other day he attends My Gym. He has had a couple of play dates and today we went to see the movie Curious George. It is very nice our movie theater offers free movies during the summer. the Cisco Kid and I have been doing lots of arts and crafts, and swimming in the pool. I just received a phone call from my sister in law and she is coming down on Wednesday with The Cisco Kids two second cousins. They live in Tennessee and the kids have never seen the ocean. It is going to be fun. There are six weeks left until school starts again. There are many more things planned to keep us busy through the rest of the summer.


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The snaggletooth is no longer

That dangling tooth finally came out after two months. Now he has the cutest gap and slurred speech. I listen to him talk and he is trying so hard to pronounce his words properly. It is so cute watching him force his words through that huge gap in the front of his mouth.
The Tooth Fairy knows how much he loves rescue vehicles.


Monday, July 6, 2009

This poor little snaggletooth little boy.

This little boys two front teeth have been wiggling and jiggling around in his mouth for two months. He finally lost one last Wednesday and he was so excited that he would get a visit from the tooth fairy. Immediately after he lost the font tooth, the remaining tooth started to move to the center of his mouth. I do have to say… This is not a pretty sight. He is still cute.

A gift from the tooth fairy.
He jumped right in by putting his new tow truck to work towing the fire truck.

My little Snaggletooth child.
His anticipation is great, waiting for the next tooth to fall out.


Sunday, July 5, 2009

When I say Party!!!

Nothing says fun like having a party with friends. Only good can come out of it. GOOD TIMES.

Now that the tables are set.

The food is done and the Condiments are out.

The fridge is stocked.The decorations are done and the mood is set.

The 4th of July celebration starts with the Family American Style,
The Mom Squad,
and our posse a.k.a our husbands, with the little rascals, a.k.a our children.
Now that the introductions are over, let’s get wet.
Now that the little rascals are in the pool with the posse, The Mom Squad can enjoy a frozen fruit drink. All the little rascals are hard at play.

Nourishment is needed, as the chief grills everything to perfection.
The Mom Squad in action.

Lets have some more fun.
Getting ready for the fireworks! They must bring out the fire equipment and make sure everything works properly just in case dad’s Fireworks don’t go as planned.

These cuties are just along for the fun.
Test run!

Life is always a bowl of Cherry's when there is patriotic party ware.
They have taken cover from the Chief’s explosion of fireworks.
Now it is time for the Little Rascals to have their sparklers.

These moments will be cherished forever. The little rascals had a great time and they will always remember this day.
Thank you to, "In His Hands" and "Life is a Bowl of Cherry’s", for all your wonderful food and help.
The posse finished the party with a grand finally of lots of Awwww’s and OOOOOO’s at the great Firework display.


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