Saturday, December 24, 2011

Enjoying winter break

The Cisco Kid has a total of eighteen days off from school. He had school on Friday Dec 16th but I decided to keep him home so we could do some Christmas shopping for the Chief. After we were done with Christmas shopping we come home and made some hot chocolate and had some delicious cookies. Usually we are running from one activity to the next but now that it is winter break, it gave us some time to just do whatever we want. Some of our days were filled with putting up some train track, Wrapping gifts for family and friends, doing a massive mail out of my Christmas Cookies to family and friends & getting out my Christmas cards. Last week we had a Pack meeting with the Cub Scouts and I suddenly became panicked that I did not start on my Christmas cards. I looked at the Cisco Kid in his Cub Scout uniform and thought....That would be a great Christmas Card Picture! I quickly took his picture in front of our Christmas tree and went to Walgreens pictures on line, ordered the pictures and when we were done with our Cub Scout meeting we went to Walgreens to pick them up. The next day they were all mailed out. The Church The Cisco Kid goes to had a Play called NOEL! They had a live Nativity scene complete with sheep, donkey, chickens, & a lama. I guess the lama took the place of the camel. There was a Choir and a narrator telling the story of the birth of Jesus. After the Play we went to the other end of the Church for the activities. There was a Christmas light show, Hay ride, Cookie decorating, Model building, Pictures with Mickey & Minnie, Cookies and Hot. All of this was free. We enjoyed it so much that I invited one of our friends to go with us again. This time it was Girls and kids night.
Christmas Card Picture.
The Church where we saw the NOEL play and activities. Later that week we went with friends.
Our first visit where The Cisco Kid did his cookie decorating. 
The Cisco Kid and I just love our trains.  We only put them up during Christmas. 
 This year we have several tracks so two engine can run on the tracks at the same time. 

We are half way through the winter break and we have much more fun in store.   



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