Monday, May 11, 2009

What a wonderful Mothers day.

First thing, My men made me a great Breakfast.

Then they got some great gifts.
The Cisco Kid made me a special vase with hand made flowers and his picture on a Daisy.
The Family Stone
To make my life easier for Scrapbooking, I got the Cricut die cutting machine. That is a big WOW!!!
For and ending to a great day we went to the Melting Pot.

This is one of those time when all you can say is…..WHAT!!!!

My Husband (Chief), my son (The Cisco kid) and myself were coming out of a store. I was distracted by the on coming traffic. I casually looked up when I heard Chief say, NOW THAT JUST AINT RIGHT!!!!. I LOOKED UP AND THIS IS WHAT I SAW………


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