Monday, May 11, 2009

This is one of those time when all you can say is…..WHAT!!!!

My Husband (Chief), my son (The Cisco kid) and myself were coming out of a store. I was distracted by the on coming traffic. I casually looked up when I heard Chief say, NOW THAT JUST AINT RIGHT!!!!. I LOOKED UP AND THIS IS WHAT I SAW………


  1. Great site! Love the cooking pics!

  2. Great site layout!!!

  3. Like the site!

  4. Embellishment is Marianne's forte. She takes idea's and improves them especially from a grandma who can't cook. The kids survived in spite of me. Pretty good if I say so myself.should I tell about the fresh baked pie I dropped upside down on the oven door and we ate it from there. My family is lucky to have Marianne. Grandma p. s. she writes children's books on top of everything else.



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