Monday, July 6, 2009

This poor little snaggletooth little boy.

This little boys two front teeth have been wiggling and jiggling around in his mouth for two months. He finally lost one last Wednesday and he was so excited that he would get a visit from the tooth fairy. Immediately after he lost the font tooth, the remaining tooth started to move to the center of his mouth. I do have to say… This is not a pretty sight. He is still cute.

A gift from the tooth fairy.
He jumped right in by putting his new tow truck to work towing the fire truck.

My little Snaggletooth child.
His anticipation is great, waiting for the next tooth to fall out.



  1. Looks like the tooth fairy was good to him :) Ian has a tooth that well I am just amazed it is still in his head it is so loose. I am hoping that is just falls out by its self but it is looking like my hubby might have to help it out. I just don't like to pull teeth. Your little man is so cute with that missing tooth.

  2. Gotta love those gap tooth grins! Very cute! Dropping by from the blog hop.



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