Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kissed by a frog!

Thank you so much, Pair Slices, Life with the Boys, Family Affair , The Beach Family Updates, Me My Boys and a Little Dog and Oswald Ctuies for sharing your wonderful posts on "What would your children say?" Wednesday It was lots of fun reading what your little ones come up with. I'm looking forward to next Wednesday.
Yesterday we had the Cisco Kids annual physical. Everything was just fine, except I showed the doctor a wart that has been growing on his elbow. He took one look at it and said. Those pesky warts!
Let me start off by saying. He is a premature baby specialist and one excellent Pediatrician. We LOVE, LOVE, him. We have been going to him since the Cisco Kid was born.
The Doctor told me what I needed to do to get rid of it. Now.....I thought he was going to send me to a dermatologist to have it frozen off or even have it surgically removed. Nope!!! Neither one. He told me to get some compound W and cover it with Duct Tape. What, I said. He said that there is something in the tape that reacts with the Compound W and makes them go away. OK. I am putting my faith in my doctor and give it a try. They say there are 101 uses for duct tape. If this works, there will be 102 uses. LOL!!!!


  1. What a brave little guy! One look at that duct tape and my kids would be running! They can't even stand bandaids!! Good luck Cisco Kid! Hope it works for you. :)

  2. This really works! We did this on my daughter's foot when she was younger. We had to do it a couple times but the warts never came back!

  3. I am so interested to know if that works! Please keep us posted!
    Sorry I missed What Your Kids Say Wednesday! I just couldn't get it done yesterday! I posted it a day late!

  4. I have heard that too about duct tape. I hope it works.

    Thanks for putting together the What Would Your Kids say posts, they are a alot of fun!

  5. Wow! That is pretty neat! I will need to keep that in mind! Ya never know...



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