Thursday, September 17, 2009

I'm ready for the big screen

Something you might not know about me. I am an avid TV addicted mama. I am soooooo ready for my shows to start. I love, Grey's Anatomy, I can’t wait to see what happens to George and Izzie. Ghost Whisperer, This show makes me cry every time. I can’t remember watching it once and not crying. The Real Housewives of NY, Love them all. Kelly, not so much! Desperate Housewives, Dancing With The Stars & Brothers and Sisters. Castle, I’m still on the fence about this one. The Chief watches one, NCIS. Thank goodness for DVR.

Thank you "PAIR" SLICES , The Daily Dribbles and Olwald Cuties for participating in "What would your children say?" Wednesday, and sharing those great stories. You can still go and see what their cuties were up to.


Everyone check out Show off your Creation site and you could be a winner. There will be 15 winners. I am in the Christmas mood. I am going to start giving things away. I just want to hand them out left and right. You could be next. A total of fifteen FREE gifts will be given away. Go to Show off your Creations and see how to win. PhotobucketPhotobucket


  1. I am so ready for Grey's and NCIS to start. I need new stuff to watch! :) It was nice meeting you at open house! Looking forward to sharing the room mom stuff with ya!

  2. I also can't wait for Grey's but I think I am more excited about Private Practice. My husband likes his toys so we do have a bug screen. AThe thing I can't live without is a DVR!



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