Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Mad Scientist is at work

The Cisco Kid decided what he wanted to be for Halloween.
He has been a fireman two years in a row for Halloween. I really wanted him to be something else this year. I know if I would have asked him what he wanted to dress up as, he would have said.....Fireman... again!
I knew that the costume he was going to wear had to be his idea. He really loves a few things besides being a fireman. He loves his laboratory and he loves his trains. Since he has been a fireman two years in a row and the train conductor costumes don't come in his size anymore. That left....Mad Scientist. I loved the idea!!! Now to convince The Cisco Kid!!!!! I came up with three costumes he might be interested in. Swamp monster, Mummy and the Mad Scientist. I showed him some pictures of all three and he picked, Mad Scientist. He didn’t like the scary masks for the other two. He liked the idea so much he started telling me how he wanted it to look. He said….mom I want it to look like one of my experiments blew up. That’s all it took for my creative mind to start oozing creepy Halloween ideas. This is what I have so far.

The Lab jacket. It's on order.
The safety gloves to conduct the experiments The Mad Scientist has to look mad. What better way than to have these crazy teeth. This is the oozing creepy part. These are going to be sewn all over his lab coat with some red splats, to look like his experiment blew up and parts went flying. My Challenge is going to be, finding a good pair of Mad Scientist Steampunk Goggles. These are really cool. If I can’t find a pair of Steampuck Goggles, I will have to improvise and get creative with a plain pair of goggles When we are done with the costume, I will post it.

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  1. This is going to be a GREAT costume!!! I love all of the pieaces you are putting together...go light on the red splats though because not only do you not want TCK to get scared, but the Not So Scary Halloween won't let you in if your costume is scary. Awesome plan though---I love it!

  2. Great costume! We throw a big Halloween at the Y each October and last year all of us directors were Mad Scientist! It was so much fun to see what we all came up with. This year it is the Wizard of Oz!

  3. This looks so cute . I love all the body parts. Too Funny . Be sure to post the end result

  4. these all look great hun especially the teeth he he we do not celebrate hallowean not like we did when we were kids but cant wait to see the finished result love cheryl xxx

  5. What a great costume! I love your ideas!!

  6. That's a great idea for a costume. Good luck finding the goggles!!

    I looked all over for what you eluded to in my comments and then finally saw it on your sidebar. You're most certainly welcome!! ;-)



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