Thursday, October 8, 2009

When the boys are happy the Den Mom is happy

Last week I posted about the Cub Scout Doodle. They really enjoyed painting and putting it together. This Doodle is a good way to teach the boys how to be organized and for them to keep track of all the badges and belt loops they will receive. I made some mock badges and as we complete a requirement the boys will get the mock badge. They will place the mock badge on their name tag until they actually receive the real thing at the Pack Meeting. I displayed all the mock badges on the Doodle pole. Last Thursday we completed the Art Belt Loop requirement and all the boys received a mock painter’s pallet to put on their name tag. You would have thought it was Christmas they were so happy. The boys loved it so much, they all wanted to know what they were going to work on next and what mock badge they were going to get.

Team work painting part of the Doodle Tiger Cub face.

Helping putting all the pieces together and gluing them.
The first time the Tiger Cub is in its stand.

Tonight we are working on our Making our family special requirement.

Thank you so much everyone for Participating in "What Would Your Children Say?" Wednesday. All the posts where so enjoyable to read.
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  1. Oh, that is just adorable!! What a creative way to inspire the boys to earn their badges. Looks like they all worked hard and had so much fun. You look like a GREAT Den Mom for a first-timer! TCK looks so cute! We have to go get our uniforms this weekend.

  2. WOW did that turn out sooo cute. They are so Lucky to have you as the Den Mom

  3. Wow! What a neat idea. I am going to have to have my hubby the den leader check it out! I am glad it is going well for you. Is your troop selling popcorn?



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