Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hit the ground running

Since we just got back from Disney Monday night and I still have a lot to do before Christmas and only 8 days to do it in. Tuesday I woke up hitting the ground running.

Yesterday I can check off a few more things on my list.
√Done with all my Christmas shopping.
√ Picture is chosen for Christmas cards. I decided to use a picture that was taken at Disney. I thought it was so cute.

Today I will hit the ground running again.
I have to get my Christmas cards out by Friday.
The Cisco Kids class Christmas party is this week and I am helping out.
I have to wrap all the gifts.
I have to plan a Christmas Eve and Christmas day meal.
One of our top priorities is getting together with some friends for some Christmas cheer.

Last week I completed the following.
√ I have all my ornaments completed.
√ All my Christmas trees are up and the house is decorated.
√ I got all coordinating clothes for pictures.
√ The Chief finished the outside lights.
√ The Cisco Kid got his picture taken with Santa.
√ The toy registry is out.
√ Train and tracks are all up and running.
√ Saturday morning I mailed out all the gifts.
√Went to the Cub Scout Christmas party Saturday afternoon. It was so much fun. It started out with a pot luck meal. Then they handed out all the awards for the top sellers of popcorn. The Cisco kid loved his popcorn badge and flashlight. Then they had the gift exchange. One of the Den leaders told a story and the boys had to rotate the gift around the room every time he said right or left in the story; very funny, very cute and lots of fun.

√ Went to the Nutcracker Saturday evening and saw a great play and our little friend in blue was great. She is an up and coming star. This is a community play and it is done so beautiful.
A lot was crammed into one week. I’m hoping after Friday it will be easy sailing.

These lists really help me out. It keeps me focused and on track. As I am writing these lists and checking those off, I feel like it sound as though everything is impersonal and I am just going through the motions. The fact is when I am in my moment doing one of “my list items” I leave the other items behind and enjoy that moment with my family. After all, that is who this is all for.



  1. The Cub Scouts meeting looks like fun...we didn't sell popcorn this year because our den didn't start until later. The gift exchange pass around is a really cute idea. I bet the boys had fun. Your little frind in blue at the show looks cute too...if I do say so! :) Ha! Ha! So glad you could come!

  2. Enjoyed looking at your Christmas trees, cookies, Santa pictures, and fabulous Disney pictures this evening with my mom and my little guy. The Santa picture with your so cute son and the Disney pictures brought a huge smile to my little guy's face. We looked at them repeatedly and then he wanted to see a picture of YOU. I then showed him and he and my mom thought we looked a lot alike. He wanted to know where all of our cookies were since that must be me doing all of the baking. So funny... Loved seeing your friend in blue. The blue tree with the John Deere ornaments was a huge hit with my son also. Merry Christmas!!!



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