Wednesday, July 21, 2010

WHAT DID YOU SAY????? You are only seven!!!!

One of The Cisco Kids new shows he has started watching is Victorious on Nick. The craziest thing came out of his mouth today as he was watching the episode Victorious Zombie. It is where a zombie mask gets stuck to her face and she has to go on stage to sing the song Finally Falling. Then her friends finally get the proper solution to get the mask off. The mask is removed and she goes back to finishing her performance. The song is cute and The Cisco Kid dances to it every time he hears it. Today I asked him if he liked her and out of my little boys mouth was, Yeah!!! She is Smokin Hot!!! There was dead silence in the air for about fifteen seconds. I meant do you like the way she sings. I didn't expect that response at all. That hit me like a ton of bricks. I could not believe my ears. So of course I had to find out if he was just repeating something he heard or if he really knew what that ment. I had to ask. Son! What do you think Smokin Hot means? He said, it is a girl that is very, very pretty. He could tell that I was freaked out about what he said and then he started to back pedal and said, mom, I think you are smokin hot too. I'm thinking to myself. Yea!!! Right!!! Nice recovery.


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  1. Love the comeback! That story is too funny! Where do they come up with these things?? At least he had the smarts to include Mom in the comment! Gotta love him for that!!! :)



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