Monday, September 20, 2010

My intentions were good

Our first campout this year! Our pack camps out for two nights at a camp site 20 minutes from my house. Last week when The Cisco Kid and the Chief were planning on staying overnight I thought it would be a good idea if I stayed with them. But the only way I would sleep in a tent is if I had a cot and a fan. So off to the sporting goods store we went. We all got a cot and I got my fan. We came home and put up the tent and put the cots in.  Everything fit very cozy. O.K. I am ready for a camping trip.

I did all the grocery shopping and prep work for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I met the Camp Master at the site at 1:00 to unload everything. Then I went back to the house to get some personal things ready and pick The Cisco Kid up from school. We arrived at the camp site Friday late afternoon and by 9:30p.m. I was ready to go home. It was HOT, MUGGY and DUSTY and I couldn't imagine staying in a HOT tent with two stinky men. I glad the boys were up for the adventure because I was out of there. I was done!!! I went home and couldn’t wait to jump in the shower. I promised the Chief I would be back first thing in the morning. I got out of my cozy bed at 6:00a.m. and went to the camp. Just in time for me to help get breakfast ready for everyone.
The boys had so much fun wondering around the camp site with their flash lights.
O.K. The adults get in the action and have a really long game of tug of war.  Both sides were so equal in strength that the rope did not move for a good 4 minutes.  Then we got the best of them and we won.  All these pictures were taken by The Cisco Kid.   
I was in the front of the line and the Chief held up the back. 
We went hiking for a walking stick and the Chief cleaned it off for The Cisco Kid.


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  1. This looks like a great time, but I can definitely relate to not liking the humid, hot, outdoors! Or the stinky, sweaty men! Ha! Looks like they loved every minute of it though. You guys did good with the tug-of-war and TCK took some GREAT pics! Our men go camping at the end of October for the first trip, so they'll be doing it soon enough...not sure if I want to join them yet, but by then, it may be cooler, so perhaps!



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