Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Soccer Game and Antique Booth

I’m just a tad behind on my blog. With all the running around I have been doing and trying to keep up with my Antique booth, it has been just crazy. I think everything is settled down now so I could relax and just post about our days. Saturday we had an afternoon Soccer Game and The Cisco Kid was in it to win. He played an outstanding game. After the Soccer game we needed some lunch. Off to Bonos BBQ we went. Believe it or not The Cisco Kid did not order their fried chicken he ordered the turkey platter. OH MY GOODNESS, he gobbled it down!!!! Finally he is eating well. After lunch we had to go to my booth and add some items because I was cleaned out. There were lots of empty spots. I put a 10% off everything sign in my booth and I sold so much. I will try to do that again next month.

The Cisco Kid was so nice to vacuume the rug for me. He is such a good little helper. When he wants to help!
This is the booth last week and it has changed allot as you could see in the next picture.

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