Monday, November 15, 2010

The Cisco Kids Last Soccer Game

Saturday was The Cisco Kids last soccer game until spring. All I could say is, I'm glad it's over. The Cisco Kid on the other hand would play all year round. That took up allot of our time. Our week was very busy.

Monday was a free day so The Cisco Kid just has to do homework and practice his guitar. Tuesday is homework, practice guitar and there was a soccer practice. Wednesday is homework, practice guitar and Church. Thursday is homework, practice guitar and Cub Scouts. Friday is homework and guitar lessons. Saturday practice guitar and there was a soccer game. The only "what I call free day" was Monday and Sunday.

He can add this trophy to his collection.

My schedule always revolves around his schedule and I don't go easy on myself. Two days a week I go into school for three hours. One day a week I have my Wolf Den and we are working on all our achievements. That involves me working the day before to prepare everything, and whenever I could fit some extra time in I work on my booth. This week I have to change my booth all around and get it ready for Christmas.

I can’t forget to mention I ordered my Digital photo book. Finally!!!! I am two months behind schedule. The book should be here right before Thanksgiving. The final page count is a whopping 276. Through Blurb Books all these pages came out to a total of 176.00 including shipping. As a digital scrap booker I can tell you this is a steel. Now I am going to start my Cook Book. Family Heritage Recipes.

A couple of months ago I completed the front cover to my digital book and I thought it looked like a bridal shower book cover.   I decided to change it a little bit. Here are the changes.

The cover before my changes. 
 The new cover.


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