Friday, January 14, 2011

Killing two birds with one stone.

It is crunch time.  There are still five achievements to complete before our blue and gold in February.   Thursday evening we completed the Start a Collection and Tools for fixing and building achievements.  All the boys in the den are collectors.  Everyone had something to share.  Pokey Mon, Baseball cards, Marbles, rocks, Mc Donald’s toys, Jumping beans and Hess Trucks.  The Cisco Kid has every Hess truck they made since the year he was born. 2003 through 2010. For some reason he didn't want to bring in the helicopter, the pickup truck and the flat bed truck.
After we talked about our collections we built a Game box. A friend of mine told me they went to Lows for their Tools for fixing and building achievement and took one of their classes for kids.  She explained they built a game box and Lows provided the whole kit.  I thought that would be a great idea for my den.  I went to Lows and talked to a manager to see if I could purchase some of the kits.  She told me that they had some left over and since they already had the class she would donate them to me.   The boys loved them.  They were nice and easy to put together.  I also brought in Phillips head screwdriver, flat head screwdriver, several different kinds of pliers, and some mystery tools.  I had a vintage wood plainer, paint can opener and a class cutter.  We discussed what all the tools were used for and how it made working easier.


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  1. Great collection!!! Mine brought in his first coin book and the one he got in December, so he thought he was pretty special!! We had silly bands, a candy collection, Spider Man collection, etc. That is awesome that Lowes donated the game box kits!! Perfect! Weren't they so cute and just right for what the boys needed to do? :)



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