Monday, February 21, 2011

The Biltmore Estates

As we drove onto the Biltmore Estates we passed a valley with cattle and then up ahead was the Biltmore Estate itself.  We are going to tour the estate tomorrow.  
Then we came up on the Inn at Biltmore Estates.  This is where we are staying.  The lobby is beautiful and there are fresh flowers all over. 

Our room was so large and beautifully decorated.  We had a wonderful view of the winery and mountains. They brought in a roll away bed The Cisco Kid and there was still so much room. 

The view of the Winery from our room.
This child has wanted to ride a horse for a couple of years.  He was so excited to finally start ridding.  There were situations where we went up and down mountain.  I was afraid he would get spooked but he had total control over the horse.  He steered the horse using the rains and slowed the horse down when needed.  We took a one hour ride on the Estate grounds.
There is so much more to do here.  We will have to come back so we could enjoy the rest of the estate. 

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  1. These are wonderful pictures of TCK!! How fun!! I can see why he would go nuts over this activity!! Did you ride too...I am assuming so since the camera is ahead of everyone, but no photos??? The grounds of The Biltmore are beautiful and so is the Inn.



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