Monday, February 7, 2011

A weekend celebrating The Cisco Kids 8th Birthday

The days of having one birthday party is obsolete. Since the dynamic of the Cisco kids friends are so large it would be impossible to have one birthday party with everyone he knows. Between the kids he has known for year, the one's in his class and his Cub Scout den you are looking at approximately 40 kids. There is no way I will have a party with forty kids. I thought about keeping the party to just his close friends but he is still at the age where inviting his clsoe friend would hurt the feeling of another friend. So what we decided to do is have a family birthday party at home and later in the month take the Cisco Kid to Washington DC for an educational birthday vacation. Now just because I decided to have a family birthday party he still wanted to celebrate in his class. The Cisco Kid wanted Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and Ice cream. All the kids got a kick out of the Krispy Kreme hats I brought in for them to wear.
Grandma and Grandpa came in town Friday after noon and when we came home from school they were at the house waiting for the birthday boy.

We celebrated his birthday Saturday. I had The Chief, Grandpa and The Cisco Kid go and get gas for the truck so it would give me and Grandma enough time to decorate the house. When they came back, Grandma and I jumped in the truck and went to J Alexander’s for dinner. When we arrived back home I had the Cisco Kid walk in first so he could see all his decorations.
The Cisco Kid jumped right into the gifts.
Now for the Cake!!!

The Cisco Kid wanted an Ice cream cake and of course it had to have Oreo cookies on it.  I forgot to get candles for the cake.  So we improvised and used stick matches.  I think The Cisco Kid liked the matcher better anyway.
On Sunday we went out to celebrate The Cisco Kids birthday with some dear friends.  Since we have never been to Five Guys Burgers we thought we would give it a try.  Luck may have it, they sell burgers, grilled cheese and hotdogs.  They are the Cisco Kids Favorite foods.  I have to say there burgers are real good!!! I like the French fries.  They are fried from fresh cut potatoes, not frozen.  YUMMMMM!!!!! Mc Donald’s step aside.   After we got done eating we headed over to the bowling alley and bowled a couple of games. 
Bowling is always so much fun.
This looks very promising..... Could it be a strike????
Will he get a spare???? 
No Spare, but great try!!  That ball has a mind of its own.
 On the score board the C stands for The Cisco Kid and as you can see he got a strike.  His first strike on his 8th birthday.   


  1. What a wonderful weekend of celebration! You can't go wrong with Krispie Kreme!! I bet the class loved them. Your decorations at home were super, and I know TCK was so happy to have Grandma and Grandpa there with him to celebrate. So glad we could see him too. Our guy loved the "B's"---burgers, bowling, and the birthday boy!! Ha! Thanks for getting together with us on his special day. Great photos!!! :)

  2. Happy Birthday CK! Have a great time in DC!



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