Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cake Auction for American Cancer Society.

Every year the Cub Scouts Raises money for a charity. This year we had a cake Auction for the American Cancer Society. We had a professional auctioneer that did a great job auctioning off our fifty cakes.

We made a Mario Brothers cake and a Candy Land Cake.

The Mario Brothers cake was a vanilla cake with chocolate icing layers. All the figurines are made out of molding chocolate.

It was very funny watching the auction. Each scout went up and described their cake. They stayed up there with the auctioneer. She started every bid at $10.00. The boys were so excited to see how much their cakes would sell for. At the beginning of every cake auction one or two paddles would raise committing to the auctioneers price. When it came time for The Cisco Kids Mario cake, the auctioneer started out with the normal $10.00 bid, and then the fun began. There were at least twenty paddles that quickly raised. The auctioneer had a look of shock on her face and she immediately started to increase the cake by $10.00. The Auctioned ended and it sold for $80.00. 
The Cisco Kid loves to play Mario on WII so I decided to make a cake that I loved to play as a child.  I loved Candy Land.   The Cake is vanilla with a colorfull layer of icing in the center. The Candy Land Cake auctioned off for $50.00.

 We raised a total of 1,300.00 for the American Cancer Society. 



  1. Wow those cakes look amazing. Well done raising that amount for your chosen charity.

  2. Your cakes a fabulous and so very colorful and creative!! Love them!! What a great fundraiser for charity! Thanks for sharing the pictures. :)



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