Saturday, May 28, 2011

2nd grade rotation and many games to play

Friday was a big day at school.  We started out the day with the pledge of allegiance.
Then off to the stage where we were having our reading celebration.  At the reading celebration they announce how many books each class read and how many books the whole school read.  Because the number was so high, and for fun, the principal Mrs. F. Kissed a Pig.  Last year she kissed the statue of a horse.  Because the number of books this year was so high, she decided to kiss a real pig.  I thought Gross!!!  But the kids thought it was the funniest thing.
The total number of book read for the school was 87,382. Mr. M's class read 2,956 books. 
After the reading celebration the second grade classes started to rotate from one class to the next, experiencing different fun activities.

The Cisco Kid is in Mr. M's class and I had eight different Minute to win it games for his class rotation. 
Breakfast Scramble: A puzzle, using the cover of a cereal box cut up into ten pieces.  

Board Roll: Roll a ball down a plank of wood without falling.
 Candalier: stacking cans on a paper plate starting with one can and end with five on top.
Face the Cookie: A cookie is placed on the forehead and they wiggle it down the face into the mouth. 
Punch your lights out: Three push lights are glued to a board and a bean bag is thrown on the light to turn it off.  
High string: Transfer a ball from one water bottle to the next buy using a circular string stretched between the fingers.  The Cisco Kid decided one ball was too easy so he used two.
The nut cracker: Stack 8 metal nuts using a stick. 
The last game was called, Drop Sink: Drop a coin in a fish tank filled with water and making it fall into a cup.

Some of the other teachers had tie dye, snow cones, movie, arts & crafts,

Here the boys are toasting to a great day with their snow cones. 
Race to fill up a soda bottle using a sponge. 

This went on all day!!!!


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