Sunday, July 3, 2011

Summer fun!

The past two week The Cisco Kid has been in drama camp. Called Beat Pack. We have been hearing great things about this camp for a couple of years now and we finally decided that since The Cisco Kid loves to dance, we would give this a try. This was the best experience for him as well as us. He come home every day and told me what they were doing and how much fun he had.

This is a clip of thier dance.



  1. I LOVE this video...I keep watching it over and over! I am going to copy it from the site and put it onto my blog too. Thanks for sharing it! So glad TCK had fun. I think it is such GREAT camp!!

  2. Testing.... it looks like I might be able to post a comment again. I've been enjoying your post for a long time and have been unable to comment. Every now and then I try again. This is the closest I've come in a long time. I really like all the shots you got at Beatpac. TCK really did look like he enjoyed the camp.



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