Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Does the fountain of youth really work????

Sunday we went into the city of St Augustine and took a journey to the Fountain of Youth archeological park. It is a very large park along the intercostals water way. There are many things to see and some of them are the Discovery globe. It is an education movie about how St Augustine was settled. There is also many fountains in the park. Cannon firing area where they fire the cannon off. Shipwreck exhibit and Planetarium. We also saw the Fountain of Youth, where they were serving water to everyone. I am a non believer and did not drink any. The well is a 200 ft. mineral well. I reminded the Chief, we have one of these wells pumping into our house and I won’t drink straight from it without a filter. Maybe if we did we would look like we were twenty again.

The fountain of Youth.
The Cisco Kid is lifting a 25 lb. cannon ball.
The Southern Cross
The Cisco Kid must always climb a good tree.
Ponce de Leon Statue
The Cannon Firing area. Unfortunatly they were not firing them that day.
The Indian Camp.

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