Monday, August 1, 2011

Filling in the blanks.

I have wanted some built-ins on each side of the Fire Place.  I finally got cracking and designed something that would be functional and works well with the decor. I wanted it to look old world with plenty of storage and of course decorative.

We got cabinetry that was the same style as the kitchen and all I did was add some ornate embellishments and wooden handles. When we put on the top, I also decided to add the arched back. This made it look more like a piece of furniture than cabinetry. We then built the top shelving with crown molding and Corbels.

This cabinetry came in a wood color that didn't match the kitchen perfectly so I decided to paint it the same color as the Kitchen Island.   
This is the completed project.
We have also been working on the kitchen.  We have one more thing to complete and then I will post about it.  So far we replaced the microwave over the stove with a hood.  I put the microwave in my butlers pantry.  We added crown molding on top of the cabinetry and new wooden handles.  We replaced the island counter top with a larger one.  The Chief put in a water pot filler for me over the stove and I completed the tile back splash.  I changed out all the kitchen lighting.  Last but not least, I recovered the Kitchen chairs and added new pillows.  The lighting is the last item we have to finish. 

The Chief did a great job with the plumbing and I have my pot filler. 
I did the tile on the back splash in tumbled marble subway style.
This was my dreary dull seats and pillows.   
The transformation! 
In the middle of all of this we needed to replace the Dishwasher. It was the original dishwasher when we build the house ten years ago. Last night we lost our refrigerator. I had to go and get another one today. We went to Lows and it was going to take 30 days for the one I wanted to be delivered. We then went to HH gregg and they had the one I wanted in stock. Tomorrow we get it delivered.



  1. Holy COW!!! When you REMODEL!!! The new shelving in the family room looks beautiful!! I love the color you painted it and the way you decorated it. So lovely! I WANT your pot filler...who gets to have one of those?? Only Family American Style, that's all I'll say!! And the new fabric on the kitchen chairs is gorgeous! The black looks so pretty with the bright garden colored flowers and stripes. Oh my goodness!! What FUN!!! :) And a new dishwasher and refrigerator??? If you're not careful, you might think you walked into the wrong house! :) Can't wait to see MORE!!!

  2. P.S. you did a GREAT job on the back splash tiles! Looks professional!

  3. I can't believe what you get accomplished in a day. And you did all this with a sore foot? You and the Chief make a great team. The backsplash with the potfiller is very posh. I love it. You couldn't have chosen a nicer material to cover your chairs. It really gave them a BIG facelift. I have to say, your new shelving in the familyroom is beautiful. It looks like it's been there from the beginning -- it's so well done and looks so natural. I would love to fill a whole wall in my familyroom like that. Can't wait to see more. No grass ever grows under your feet does it? I have to say you've got lousy luck though with your dishwasher and refrigerator both checking out at the same time.



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