Friday, August 19, 2011

Meet and Greet

Today we went to school to find out who The Cisco Kid has for a teacher this year. We arrived at school at 8:15 this morning. This year there are ten third grade classes. I was not familiar with most of them because they switched many teachers around. We found his name after reviewing many lists. He has Mrs. H. for a teacher. We were the first to arrive and Mrs. H and I had plenty of time to talk. She told me what she expects in her class. She made a point several times that this year is going to be very rigorous with curriculum. She also mentioned she is very controlling, organized and she communicates constantly with parents. "I love her already". She also mentioned that she is a gifted teacher and she taught fifth grade gifted last year and fourth grade gifted the year before.  She asked if I was interested in volunteering in the class. I told her that I have been the room mom in the past years. So I signed up for room mom again.
The teacher gave everyone a goodie bag and reading packet when they arrived.   
 In the goodie bag there was a wonderful greeting card that states wonderful different meaning for every item in the bag.  You can click on the card to enlarge it and you can see the items below.
The Cisco Kid was extra happy about the goodie bag because the penny that Mrs. H gave him was a 2008, and he has been searching for that year for a very long time.
We are happy to have school start on Monday.


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  1. Awww...I really like the note and goodie bag Mrs. H used to explain and represent how the class will be this year. What a great idea! I hope you and TCK like her and her class this year. Sounds like he ended up with a super teacher in a great room! Homeroom Mom again, huh?? You are so good! I am still thinking on that one for our class, as nobody had signed up by the time I left, and it was getting late. I signed up for Tuesday Folder organizer again though, so I will see about the other.



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