Sunday, October 16, 2011

Finishing up the Cub Scout Conservation Badge

I took my Cub Scout den to a "Go See It" yesterday. We went to the Fountain of Youth. There are several different sections of the Fountain of Youth to see. There is "THE SPRING HOUSE" where the fountain is located, "TIMUCUA INDIAN EXHIBIT" showed how the Indians lived, "THE PLANETARIUM" showed how they lined up the stairs for the coordinates to get here, The "SPANISH CANNONS" They talked about how they defended themselves back in 1565, "THE DISCOVERY GLOBE". The Fountain of Youth was a wealth of information.

After seeing all the exhibits, we went to the water’s edge and talked about the different kinds of soil and plant materials that sustain all kinds of life. We also reflected on the fountain and how the use of water is reducing the aquifer.

The boys are listening to the Fountain informant. They learned how it began with a drink from the Legendary Spring that has flowed under this site for as long as anyone can remember. Learned the history of Ponce de Leon's search and his Spanish claim for Florida in 1513. They heard the story of Dr. Luella Day Mcconnell's purchase of the property at the turn of the 20th century and discovery of artifacts in 1904 such as the landmark cross and silver salt cellar. Experience the nostalgia of this Old Florida Attraction with diaramas installed in 1957 depicting the Spanish and Timucua Indians "First Encounter" on this site. 500 years of history in one place!
Firing of the Cannon, BOOM! The Spanish arrived in 1565 and established the first and oldest settlement. See how they defended their position with an historic cannon firing demonstration. Viva! 
There is alsways time to climb a tree. 
Natives inhabited this site for almost 3000 years. Gather in the Village of Seloy to experience how Timucuas lived, hunted, ate and thrived for so long. Hear the stories of long ago and connect past to present. 
Right before we were ready to leave I brought some bread for all the children to feed the birds.


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  1. I, too, learned from your "Go See It" trip. You have such an active scout troop. It's fun to see all you do. Thanks for sharing.



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